Schutze on Dealey Plaza as a free speech battleground

Dealey Plaza is not just the place where President Kennedy was killed 50 years ago. It is also the site of an ongoing struggle over the meaning of the First Amendment in 2013. And nobody has covered the story better than Dallas Observer blogger Jim Schutze.

In his latest dispatch he asks,  “Who Died and Made the Sixth Floor Museum the King of Dealey Plaza?

The question is a serious one, and it will get more serious as November 22, 2013, approaches: Can Americans dissent from the official story of JFK assassination in the place where it took place?

Money quote:

“Right now, as the anniversary approaches, the fact that somebody in Dallas is still this touchy about it is the most interesting thing about the anniversary. Otherwise I’m not sure many people would pay attention. But apparently somebody with a lot of stroke in this city wants the bolts screwed down tight on free speech in Dealey Plaza that week. Why?”

2 thoughts on “Schutze on Dealey Plaza as a free speech battleground”

  1. “Why?” is right.

    If I were advising the opposition, I’d let the demonstrators rip. I’d film and interview the nutjobs and the dummies and portray them as the heart and soul of the demonstrators. That would score very big points for the official story.

    It’s as if the Dallas PTB have been infiltrated covertly by a master propagandist. Irony.

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