Sabato: We cannot rule out a conspiracy to kill JFK

Michael Kelly of BusinessInsider (via SFGate) highlights one of Professor Larry Sabato’s key points points about JFK’s assassination, a point that has eluded other news outlets covering the publication of his new book, “The Kennedy Half Century.” (HT/Curt)

“For all attempts to close the case as ‘just Oswald,’ fair-minded observers continue to be troubled by many aspects of eyewitness testimony and paper trails,” Sabato writes.

The founder of the University of Virginia Center for Politics opened this never-ending debate “because the assassination is critical both to understanding America’s past and future paths and to the lasting legacy of John Kennedy that is the subject of this book.”

Sabato told Business Insider that “the chance of some sort of conspiracy involving Oswald is not insubstantial.”


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2 thoughts on “Sabato: We cannot rule out a conspiracy to kill JFK”

  1. He still thinks Oswald fired the shots. People who can’t get beyond that mindset will never come close to solving this case.

  2. I heard Dr. Sabato recently say there is no evidence that a shot was fired from the noll. I would love to hear a debate on this point between Doctors Wecht and Sabato. Why is there not a forum to air differing views?

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