Robert Groden: his JFK life depicted in Dutch documentary

And here is the real fascination of this film. It’s just not that simple. It’s not as easy as dismissing Robert Groden as a nutcase. He’s weird. He’s way unusual. He’s obsessive as hell. But how do we know — Do we know? — that obsession is automatically or always wrong or destructive? What if he’s right?

From Dallas Observer: Dutch Documentary Portrays Dallas Conspiracy Guy 

Groden is indeed unusual, save his capacity to wax unpleasant to anyone who dares disagree with. I saw him in Dallas a couple of years ago and told him to his face that he was acting like a jerk.  He was amiable in response and agreed I might have a point. DId it change his behavior in any way? Nah.

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  1. Nathaniel Heidenheimer

    What if obsession” at the individual level is the too predictable and mundanely rational effect of obsessive secrecy of media and intelligence institutions at the societal level?

    1. You nailed it. If the mainstream press had done their jobs, not a single person would be “obsessed” with the JFK assassination. It would have been solved long ago. The so-called “buffs” may have gone down some blind alleys, but they can hardly be blamed for failing to solve the case when the most powerful journalistic institutions in America have failed to even try. Bill Keller, a former executive editor at The New York Times, once wrote that he thought there was “something fishy” about the JFK assassination, but that he avoided the subject because he considered himself “a card-carrying member of the reality-based community.” In other words, he avoided it for careerist reasons; people who get called “conspiracy theorists” don’t get to work at The New York Times. (Never mind that Lyndon Johnson, an actual president, went around telling people that there had been a conspiracy.)

      Robert Sam Anson’s 1975 book “They’ve Killed the President!” quotes an unnamed researcher as follows: “We are one Seymour Hersh story away from a new investigation.” That quote seems even more poignant now that we know that the real Seymour Hersh was more interested in investigating Kennedy’s sex life than his murder.

      1. As I like to point out, something is wrong when one lawyer, Jim Lesar, representing one client, Harold Weisberg, is responsible for releasing more JFK assassination-related documents through the Freedom of Information Act than all the news agencies combined.

      2. But the mainstream media DID do they job! Their job was to help cover-up the conspiracy. They did a very good job overall.

  2. Robert Groden is a national hero. Because of him, millions and millions of Americans first saw the Zapruder film which IMHO definitely proves JFK was killed by a head shot from the front right behind the Grassy Knoll stockade fence.

    1. An excellent point, Mr. Morrow, you are nobody’s fool. I’m a pretty good shot myself, qualified Expert (36-40) many moons ago. Breath Relax Aim Squeeze…

      Given the awful angle from the 6th Floor (an actual right-handed shooter in that tight, constricted corner would be lucky not to fall out of the window, or at least shatter upper window glass panes) while trying to draw a bead on a target moving away like that.

      1. Jack,
        Exactly! The first thing I said when I went to the window at the Depository and looked out was, “Impossible!” No right handed shooter, unless he was an expert contortionist could’ve made those shots. Plus, no right handed shooter would have waited until the car turned the corner, because he would have known it would make for an exceedingly difficult shot.

  3. There is nothing new about vilification from a governmental entity, or paid hacks of the same ilk. Robert Groden has stood talk in the face of withering opposition. Opposition from a city government that wants to mold the minds of tourist and citizens alike, that the official story about the November 63 coup, that killed President Kennedy, is sacrosanct. What Dallas and the Sixth Floor Museum needs is a reality check. The official story is bullsh*t from start to finish and is a good exercise in absurdity. Lee Harvey Oswald states “I’m just a patsy!” A “patsy” is language used by underworld figures. “I am the fall guy” would have been bureaucratic (insider) language. Which ever theory you want to believe, please don’t believe the Warren Omission Theory that Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy. It is a physical impossibility to shoot a person from the front AND back, while moving away from you, IF you were shooting at them from behind and above. This physical impossibility gave rise to CE399 and “Specter’s Absurdity” – the Magic Bullet. Groden is a voice crying in the wilderness attempting to make the path to truth straight and the people enlightened. Amen.

  4. If or when this movie ever plays in the United States, ie. (the Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia area please readers try to let people know about it. I can hardly wait to see the film.

  5. Haven’t had the pleasure or displeasure of meeting Mr. Groden, but I echo Joe Green’s last sentence above. Have to give credit where it is due.

    1. Wallace Milam

      I’ve known Robert since 1976. He and I traveled together to appear before the HSCA, where he made many contributions. I do lectures on the JFK assassination (over 400) in colleges and Robert helped me in many ways. He shared over 100 photos from the MLK assassination. Like all of us, he has opinions and makes mistakes, but he has no peers when it comes to photographic evidence in the case. More power to him.

  6. While Bob and I don’t always agree, I’ve listened to him talk to tourists in the plaza, and have even had the pleasure of hanging out with him while he fields questions. No doubt to the chagrin of the City of Dallas, the average tourist who comes up to Bob seeking answers is already a conspiracy theorist, and usually a very uneducated one. As a result, I suspect that Bob spends more time correcting people about “something they heard” or “something their brother-in-law told them” than describing his own theories, or selling his books. I mean, it’s pretty bad. A lot of people come up and ask about the Jimmy Files story, the Greer-did-it theory, the Hickey-did-it theory, the Woody Harrelson’s-daddy-did-it theory, or what I have come to call “the midget did it from the gutter” theory. Some will stand up there and argue with him that the Zapruder film is 100% fake, and that Abraham Zapruder was part of the plot. Groden calmly assures them that there are plenty of reasons to suspect conspiracy, but that those theories don’t hold much water. If the Sixth Floor Museum had any sense, IMO, they would stop harassing Bob and pay him a small fee as a “Conspiracy Theorist in Residence.” He provides a public service. And it should be recognized.

    1. Robert Groden – yet another veteran JFK researcher who believes Lyndon Johnson was involved in the JFK assassination up to his ears:

      TEXAS MONTHLY DEC 2012: “I would bet money LBJ was up to his ears in it,” Groden told me after suggesting that the assassination was instigated by some combination of organized crime and the CIA. I half expected the crisply attired waiter hovering over us at a fancy Design District restaurant—my choice—to ask us to leave.

    2. Well said Mr. Speer. Mr. Groden could probably find an easier way to make a living or just retire. While he did kind of rush me past after signing the booklet I bought to get to the next customer he did refer me to I believe Bobby Hargis standing nearby regarding my question about blood spatter. I took it as a busy afternoon for him. As an alternative to the Oswald did it alone Sixth Floor Museum story his public service should be recognized.

    3. You mention Bill Greer, the limo driver. Maybe he didn’t “do it”, but it would have been nice had he driven out of the area fast, as is Secret Service protocol. Would have saved JFK’s life.

  7. I have met and spoke with Robert many times over the years and the man is an honest, sincere, passionate man. I admire him, his work, his courage, his persistence and his relentless search for the truth. Ernest T Bass was a nut, Bob just wants the world to know what really happened.

  8. Robert Groden has always been pleasant and informative with me and was very easy to work with in our documentary King Kill 63. I’m glad that someone made a film that focuses on him and his struggles with the city of Dallas. His work on the case is indispensable to any researcher, even if you disagree with his conclusions.

    1. Speaking of King Kill 63, when is this flick going to be released for everyone else to see outside Dallas?

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