Richard Schweiker, Republican critic of JFK assassination probe, dies at 89

Richard S. Schweiker

Sem Richard S. Schweiker, Warren Commission critic (Photo by Archive Photos/Getty Images)


“The evidence the Committee has developed suggests that, for different reasons, both the CIA and the FBI failed in, or avoided carrying out, certain of their responsibilities in this matter,” Schweiker and [Senator Gary] Hart wrote in their study regarding the role of U.S. intelligence agencies in the Warren Commission’s review.”

Source: Richard Schweiker, Critic of JFK Assassination Probe, Dies at 89 – Bloomberg Business


  1. marie fonzi says:

    Gaeton often said, both in speeches and essays, that Senator Schweiker was the one politician that he grew to respect more as he got to know him. He was certainly a “founding father” in the search for the truth of the JFK assassination.

    • marie fonzi says:

      See p.157 of The Last Investigation to read where it was Senator Schweiker who first suggested to Gaeton that the sketch drawn from Veciana’s description looked like David Atlee Phillips, who had appeared before the Church Committee.

  2. Paul Turner says:

    I’d vote for they “avoided carrying out” certain of the responsibilities.

  3. MDG says:

    Schweiker was indeed a founding father in the search for truth in the JFK Assasination.

    Schweiker and Hart wrote as part of the Church Committee the FBI and CIA had neglected to examine Oswald’s possible ties to Cuba’s communist government and to Cuban exile groups in the months before the Assassination. Senior officials withheld facts “which might have substantially affected the investigation” and didn’t provide them to the Warren Commission.

  4. lysias says:

    Surprise surprise! Nothing about this in the Washington Post’s obituary for Schweiker.

  5. It was because the Church Committee and House Select Committee on Assassinations were temporary committees and both compromised and subverted by the intelligence agencies that Congress should establish a permenant committee on assassinations – one that can’t be out waited or subverted by the assassins.

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