RFK Jr. on JFK and the Unspeakable: ‘It has made a very big impact on me’

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., environmentalist activists and son of Robert F. Kennedy, made news when spoke in Dallas in January 2013 to say his father doubted that his father was killed by one man for now reason.

Now he’s gone a step further in a blurb for the paperback edition of James Douglass’s JFK and the Unspeakable.


“In JFK and the Unspeakable, Jim Douglass has distilled the best available research into a very well-documented and convincing portrait of President Kennedy’s transformating turn to peace, at the cost of his life. Personally it has made a very big impact on me. After reading it in Dallas, I was moved for the first time to visit Dealey Plaza. I urge all Americans to read this book and come to their own conclusions about why he died and why–after fifty years–it still matters.”

12 thoughts on “RFK Jr. on JFK and the Unspeakable: ‘It has made a very big impact on me’”

  1. Just look who sponsors programming on PBS, the Discovery Channel, History Channel, etc. Producers have to find money and I seriously doubt the usual suspects of sponsors want to underwrite a program that will expose the truth of what happened. Funding is tight and I might even someone like Charlie Rose could lose sponsors if he went “rogue” on them.

    Unfortunately,many successful journalists rather stay in the good graces of the elite, maintain their connections and continue to be invited to the happening parties than expose the truth.

    This all makes what Jeff Morley is doing all the more remarkable…..and why I financially support his efforts

    1. What kills me about PBS is someone like Bill Moyers, who I know was given his career boost in life by Lyndon Johnson, but he CLAIMS to care so much about democracy and human rights, about power and corruption. Yet at the same time, if you dare to ask him about the JFK assassination, he clams up and says that he supports the Warren Commission findings. If you were to actually dare to raise the ugly possibility that perhaps LBJ had something to do with the assassination, he would probably have a heart attack! At the very least, he would probably never speak to you again.

      Has anyone asked him what he really thinks about LBJ and the assassination of JFK? Is he on record for saying anything? I know he was in Dallas (at Love Field) and I think he was (probably innocently) responsible for having the bubble top removed, as the sun had come out. But that’s all I know.

  2. RFK has been derided, even on these pages, for his outspoken view on the use of thimerosal, a mercury compound he alleges leads to autism used in children’s vaccines.

    I was trained as an undergrad as a scientist. I believe in the scientific method. Experimental method is the test of truth in the realm of science.

    RFK, Jr. and John McAdams have something in common. They argue scientific method. RFK, Jr. wrt certain vaccines; John McAdams wrt global warming.

    RFK, Jr. points to the fact the U.S. Government, without admitting culpability, ordered thimerosal to be eliminated from vaccines. John Adams points toward planet data and, I would add, fabricated scientific papers.

    Guess what: scientists can be corrupted for a buck. Any doubts? Please let me know. I’ve got a few examples.

    I say, disregard scientists and their mouthpieces who are motivated by money. Look for disinterested, detached, informed, un-influenced expert opinion.

    1. Michael Bartlow

      Right you are! Every time I see a scientist fly off to his private island and destroy a thousand families so he can buy a bigger yacht than any of his friends, I thank The One And Only Gods of Wall Street and their pet government and media monopolies for protecting us from those lying fiends and their peer-reviewed, all of technology creating, essential to our species’ survival con games!
      Royalty good, people bad. Lazy utterly compliant, self-hating, auto -repeating ‘thinkers’ good, facts, reality, science, even vaguely realistic history, prosecution of mass murderers and international traitors bad.

  3. RFK Jr just now thought he should visit Dealey Plaza and only after reading this (excellent) book?? Better late than never I guess but the information was there long before this.

    1. I think for many members of the Kennedy family, the tragedy in Dallas was too painful to look at closely, and understandably.

      I’m reminded of what JFK, Jr. said when asked if he had seen Oliver Stone’s JFK movie: “That’s not entertainment to me.”

    2. I’m thinking the Kennedy’s have known of the information for a long time and thought it better to avoid the debate.

  4. Arnaldo M Fernandez

    Among other great achievements, Douglass’ analysis of JFK-Castro back channel has debunked the well-known Gus Russo’s thesis and even refuted the notion of Waldron and Hartmann in Ultimate Sacrifice: that the accommodation process with Castro “headed nowhere.”
    Douglass gives a detailed account since February 1963, when Castro’s senior aide Rene Vallejo brought the normalization issue to John Donovan, the lawyer in charge of the negotiation for releasing the prisoners of the Brigade 2506. It couldn’t be so without Castro’s authorization.
    Peter Kornbluh has told the story, but Douglass goes deeper in the last step by quoting at length what JFK would have told to Daniel. JFK wanted Castro to know that he understood Washington had been part of the exploitation endured by the Cuban people during Batista´s regime, but the actual dilemma was inextricably linked to the Cold War and it must be solved.
    Castro was fully aware and suggested to pick up Attwood in Mexico for flying him to Havana. Castro was elated by JFK message. He told Daniel that Kennedy could become the greatest U.S. president since Lincoln. He was having lunch with Daniel at the time of the breaking news in Dallas. “This is bad news,” Castro repeatedly commented, and he was right by prophesizing: “Everything is going to change.” LBJ brushed the accommodation process aside and both the US and Cuba have been carrying the burden for more than half a century.

  5. Nathaniel Heidenheimer

    RFK Jr.s comments were filmed for the Charlie Rose show on PBS. Then the show never aired. For a very very long time one could not even find the transcript on the internet.

    Now, for fifty years the corporate media said “then why didn’t members of the Kennedy Family Say anything” They finally do and it is virtually censored from every MSM media outlet in America. Also compare the number of reviews and media airwave permitted the Stone LBJ book vs JFK and the Unspeakable.

    Negative Template anyone? WE CAN SEE THE CENSORSHIP OF THE REAL JFK RESEARCH EVERYWHERE. Quick, what other topic is censored in BOTH the MSM and the Foundation Funded “”alterntative”” media like Counterpunch, Truthout, Alternet etc? Books on JFK and Vietnam and JFK’s foreign and domestic policies are ALSO not reviewed in these SO CALLED alternative — really quid pro quo psychological warfare publications similar to the CIA’s old Encounter Magazine, IMO– either. Worse, the worst disinfo appears on these OSTENSIBLY left sites.

    The example of the very high profile censorship of RFK Jr. — yes he did receive some ONE DAY coverage but 80% of that censored his “rogue CIA” comment but more importantly there was absolutely zero follow up i.e. half one and done coverage which media folk understand is as good as no coverage at all– should be weaponized. I.e. it should be used as a catapult and thrown back into the windscreen of the MSM to subjectivize their lens, and make it clear to their huge audiences just how too too much protest there really is around the history of CIA relations with the 35th president.

    1. I agree with much of what you write, Nathaniel. I was in Dallas on 11-22-13 and was horrified to see hundreds of media types flocking to cover the city of Dallas’ tribute to Kennedy, which was really a PR event for the city itself, while the appearance of Jeff Morley and Kennedy’s cousins at a sold-out ballroom received no coverage at all.. It seems the word conspiracy and the idea of conspiracy can only.be broadcast if properly framed, i.e. “Some still believe there was a conspiracy but there’s not one iota of reliable evidence blah blah blah.”

      1. Pat, that “celebration of his life” virtually on the exact spot where he was so violently murdered in public was one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen. Even just watching it streamed on line. They certainly never let the camera veer toward the Grassy Knoll.
        Dignified ceremony my ass. Big money cover up / blow off is more like it.

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