RFK Jr. on JFK’s legacy

The son of Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of President John F. Kennedy writes in the current issue of Rolling Stone:

“And today, JFK’s great concerns seem more relevant than ever: the dangers of nuclear proliferation, the notion that empire is inconsistent with a republic and that corporate domination of our democracy at home is the partner of imperial policies abroad.”

RFK Jr. (with sister Rory) speaks candidly about Dallas

“He understood the perils to our Constitution from a national-security state and mistrusted zealots and ideologues. He thought other nations ought to fight their own civil wars and choose their own governments and not ask the U.S. to do it for them.”

“Yet the world he imagined and fought for has receded so far below the horizon that it’s no longer even part of the permissible narrative inside the Beltway or in the mainstream press. Critics who endeavor to debate the survival of American democracy within the national-security state risk marginalization as crackpots and kooks. His greatest, most heroic aspirations for a peaceful, demilitarized foreign policy are the forbidden­ debates of the modern political era.”

4 thoughts on “RFK Jr. on JFK’s legacy”

  1. Once again. Thank You Jefferson Morley and Staff for an open and uncensored forum for “The Truth”! Having been asked in 1978 and begged in 1979 to be the “Bow Sniper/Silent Killer” for The “Committee of 300” MI6/CIA “Assassination Bureau” Team A. Cobra-Vector 1. In my new book I detail who ordered the murder (LBJ led the inner circle to believe he gave the orders!), to who the 3 shooters were. And all of the hard evidence that “We The People” have. Including confessions to others and myself! Also the fact that The DOJ/FBI/Secret Service and other Criminal Justice Companies, refuse to even look at the evidence. I’ve briefed the aforementioned for hours and hours many times to no avail! My book is on Amazon.com at Kindle Books called “The Jon Benet Ramsey Case And Much More…”. Already the “Crime Family” has their Shills lambasting my book so that no one will buy it. I repeatedly reference to hard evidence that “we” have in the JFK and Jon Benet pre-meditated murders! RFK Jr., Leslie, Shane, Ronnie. I think you’re right on the money with your comments! GOD BLESS AMERICA! “We” Need It! Brian Parkinson “The Specialist”

  2. Well, one thing I’ve learned from the presidencies of JFK, LBJ & Nixon is that just because you’re the president doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the boss. Presidents come and go, but the careerists at the various alphabet agencies hang around forever.

  3. “He thought other nations ought to fight their own civil wars and choose their own governments and not ask the U.S. to do it for them”

    Then what was the Diem coup all about?

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