‘Reliable Sources’ to look at O’Reilly’s JFK story

Reliable SourcesI will be appearing on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” show at 11 am on Sunday, Washington time.

Last week the show’s host Brian Stelter interviewed CBS correspondent Eric Engberg who disputed O’Reilly’s stories about a riot in Argentina in 1982.  I’ll be talking about his JFK fib and what it means. As today’s Washington Post story indicates, the liberal media seem to be ready to move on.

HIs dubious story about being present at the suicide of George De Mohrenschildt, friend of Lee Harvey Oswald, in March 1977, was exposed two years ago by JFK Facts. It remains the biggest remaining threat to his credibility, as Slate’s Justin Peters points out here,

O’Reilly has yet to address the reporting in JFK Facts. So I’ll do it for him.

In other developments, JFK researcher Bill Kelly calls attention to what Bob Sirkin, O’Reilly’s assistant, has written about working with O’Reilly at the time.

O’Reilly was right about one thing. George De Mohrenschildt was an important witness in the JFK assassination story. Here’s what De Mohrenschildt said about his friend Lee Oswald.

And here is the intrepid Bill O’Reilly on Inside Edition in 1991 doing a tough and accurate piece on CIA officer David Atlee Phillips and the evidence that he associated with accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald in September 1963.






  1. Cassandra Jones says:


    Please, Jeff, watch this video of Bill O’Reilly reporting on the JFK story for Inside Edition in the Early 90s when he was doing honest journalism. We must not sugar-coat O’Reilly’s “facts” in his JFK book as “fibs.” Fibs are little harmless lies. His current reporting on the JFK assassination is nothing short of dishonest journalism designed to cover up a coup in this country to protect the guilty. We know why he is doing it and reminds us all that Allen Dulles’ Operation Mockingbird to control journalism is still in effect. A free press is vital to the democratic process, and if we don’t hold our journalists to the highest standards of honesty and integrity, then we betray the very country we claim to love and become instruments of our own demise. This is not a trivial matter. We must demand truth from our journalists on all sides of the political spectrum, if we are to survive as a nation.

    BTW, as I am sure you know, Tony Veciana came out last year with a confession that the CIA agent he saw with Oswald in 1963 was indeed David Atlee Phillips, proving Oswald’s ties to US intelligence.

    • Pat Speer says:

      No discussion of the exposure of O’Reilly’s lie and Veciana’s confession of his former lie is complete without the acknowledgement that both incidents were spurred on by the actions of that tremendous force for justice named Marie Fonzi.

      If this story continues to gain traction, Marie should be on CNN, not Jeff, or any other journalist. I saw Marie speak at the Bethesda conference, and her ability to make the Veciana story relevant to most Americans extends way beyond that of mere researchers, historians, and journalists. She is a wife and mother, anxious to make sure her deceased husband’s research is not lied about by the likes of O’Reilly. She made the tapes proving O’Reilly’s lie available to others, and pressured Veciana into doing right by her husband and admit he’d lied when he said Phillips wasn’t Bishop.

      Bravo, Marie!

      • Pat Speer says:

        To be clear, I think Jeff Morley did a fine job of explaining the significance of O’Reilly’s lie. I just think–scratch that, know–the story will gain more traction with the American public if told by Marie.

        Bill O’Reilly is a bully. He has attacked everyone to question his credibility. But he’s no match for Marie. She’s got the goods on him, and has far more credibility than he could ever hope to have.

      • Ramon F Herrera says:

        [Pat Speer:]

        “If this story continues to gain traction, Marie should be on CNN”


        I have been working with Marie on some Spanish mistranslations in the Kindle edition of the book (it turns out that the English is even worse 🙁 they seemed to be in a hurry) plus making sure that the audio clips have the proper quality. When she told me “CNN will be here this afternoon, to get the recordings from the original tapes” I asked her about the possibility of being interviewed.

        Her response:

        “I have no desire to be on TV. All I want is JFK Facts to get the publicity so people will know of it”.

        Hooray for Marie! Gaeton would be so proud of her…


  2. Ronnie Wayne says:

    Congratulations on the appearance / exposure. I don’t watch much CNN but I’ll be tuned in in the morning. Good luck.

    • Ramon F Herrera says:

      “I don’t watch much CNN”


      Hi Ronnie:

      Don’t leave us hanging! If you do not watch CNN, there are two other options:

      – Fox News, to their right
      – MSNBC, to their left

      Do you get the news from any of them?

      • Sam says:

        CNN, FOX, and MSNBC are all INFOTAINMENT. They are all terrible.They brainwash their viewers with slanted opinion, dressed up with fluffy “junk food” news which feeds on the worst kind of sensationalism to keep the Roman citizens watching. If you must watch Tee Vee to get some news, may I suggest The News Hour on PBS, which has bias, but at least is open about it, and civil. There’s also BBC News, which is okay.

  3. Notice how Paul Farhi, The Washington Post’s media reporter, intentionally omits the most damaging lie that O’Reilly has told: that he was personally there when George DeMohrenschildt killed himself. This is also the O’Reilly fabrication that has an airtight case contradicting O’Reilly and proving he is a liar.

    I have seen other media articles that omit the name “George DeMohrenschildt” and call him a “JFK assassination witness” which is a great way to keep the spotlight off of Oswald’s best friend in Dallas, George DeMohrenschildt, who also happened to be friends with CIA director George Herbert Walker Bush (1976 year) and Lyndon Johnson.

    I think there are a lot of the MSM who are terrified to be tip toeing into the JFK assassination topic. Might get folks asking questions, undercutting the official line. When a liberal reporter intentionally passes on a chance to skewer O’Reilly with documented facts (he was not there!), you should ask what higher calling is getting them to pass on this chance?

  4. Cassandra Jones says:

    Thank you, Jefferson Morley, for standing up for truth in journalism.

  5. Appears to me that there is a question as to what happened to De Mohrenschildt to cause the end of his life. He may…MAY..have been murdered. a lead pro-conspiracy individual(may have been Mark Lane)describes this. I’ll be watching the CNN program at 11…thanks for letting us know about it, Jeff.

    • Ramon F Herrera says:


      I have strong reservations about the murder hypothesis. For the plotters, the suicide was the worst possible news. The HCSA was about to be shut down even before it began in earnest, but that death inflamed the public opinion.

      See “The Last Investigation”

      “While de Mohrenschildt may have been one of the most important witnesses in the Kennedy assassination investigation, in Washington his death was viewed not as a tremendous setback for the investigation, but as a publicity break that might help the Assassinations Committee survive.

      Note: I am extremely puzzled about De Mohrenschildt: How can a person involved so deeply (according to us CTs) tell us so much (books, etc.) and remain untouched by the mud, unflappable? Was he an extremely competent liar? Professionals with better training than him (Phillips, Angleton) in the art of deception became very nervous and walked out of congressional hearings!


      Fonzi, Gaeton (2013-09-01). The Last Investigation: A Former Federal Investigator Reveals the Man behind the Conspiracy to Kill JFK (Kindle Locations 3736-3738). Skyhorse Publishing. Kindle Edition.”


    • Ronnie Wayne says:

      Suicide might have seemed like his best option. After being snubbed by GHWB when he requested help. And I’m sure he knew what happened to John Roselli in July of 76 when he was recalled to testify before the Select Committee on Intelligence (garroted, legs cut off, stuffed in an oil drum and put out to sea). The year before that on 6/19/75 when subpoenaed for questioning by the Church Committee Sam Gincana was shot once in the back of the head then six times around the mouth.
      Then again De Mohrenschild’s wife did not believe he had committed suicide per an interview with the Fort Worth Star Telegram in 1978. Their was also the recorded sounds of the house alarm before and after the shot. Ms. Fonzi said on this forum the police report said these correspond with servants entering and leaving the house (the same servants who did not hear a shotgun blast from a floor away?). I need to do some re reading but I remember something to the effect of the shotgun being found in a position inconsistent with suicide and a police investigator telling someone “were not going there” when the suicide was questioned.

    • Ronnie Wayne says:

      Paul your right about Mark Lane. I found this in Richard Belzer’s “Hit List”, pgs. 236/7. “They claimed he committed suicide. But if you listen to the tape you hear this: … “Beep, Beep, Beep…then you hear the shot. The Beep, Beep, Beep was a security system on medium mode…fully armed – if anyone opens a door or window, a siren goes off and the police are notified.”
      Further: ” I talked to the DA when I listened to the tape. I was down there just before the Coroner’s Inquest. And I said “does that sound like someone came into the house?’ He said “We’re not going into that”. And I said ‘Why?’. He said ‘You understand why. This is bigger than all of us. We have to do what we have to do.'”
      Sourced to: “Mark Lane, in “G. de Mohrenshilt – The Security Alarm,” excerpted from INSIDE EDITION (with BILL O’REILY), CBS Television, accessed 26 Nov. 2012. http://youtu.be./37dtEpvyUJU .”
      I wonder if Mark Lane knew O’Riley was on the front door step when the gun went off when he said this to O’Riley.
      Why didn’t O’Riley interrupt Lane saying “Mark, I was there, I heard the shotgun blast” (even if the maid didn’t).

      • Jean Davison says:

        “They claimed he committed suicide. But if you listen to the tape you hear this: … “Beep, Beep, Beep…then you hear the shot. The Beep, Beep, Beep was a security system on medium mode…fully armed – if anyone opens a door or window, a siren goes off and the police are notified.”

        According to the coroner’s report that’s not how the security system worked. If anyone opened a door or window there was an audible beep heard throughout the house. The beeps on the tape were explained as being the cook or others going in or out the back door. Those witnesses were interviewed. Footsteps could be heard before the gunshot, presumably de Mohrenschildt returning from another room where the shotgun was kept because there were no other footsteps after the gunshot until his daughter discovered his body.


        • Ronnie Wayne says:

          Jean, I wasn’t trying to debate whether the beeps were the maid/cook/gardener or an intruder. Ms. Fonzi said on another thread the police report stated the beeps corresponded with servant’s going in and out.
          What I was getting at is why did the coroner tell Lane “we’re not going into that…this is bigger than all of us”, why didn’t O’Riley interject “I was there, I heard the shot” as he states in his book and on other occasions.

          • Jean Davison says:

            “What I was getting at is why did the coroner tell Lane “we’re not going into that…this is bigger than all of us”, why didn’t O’Riley interject “I was there, I heard the shot” as he states in his book and on other occasions.”

            O’Reilly wasn’t there. That’s proven out of his own mouth. I certainly wouldn’t trust Mark Lane, either, since he is a notoriously unreliable source. How do you know what the coroner told Lane or even that the coroner said anything to Lane at all? I certainly don’t know that.

            The main thing I think people need to realize is that you shouldn’t believe anything *anybody* says until you’ve checked it out for yourself. The amount of BS written on this subject is mindboggling.

      • Ronnie Wayne says:


        Read the comment’s too. Some funny.

  6. Great Job Jefferson Morley! 09:08 A.M. Texas Time. I just watched you on CNN, and You did a Fantastic Job Representing The Truth! Keep Up The Excellent Work!

    • Ramon F Herrera says:

      “09:08 A.M. Texas Time”


      Texas must be even wider than I thought, with more than one Time Zone.


      Greeting from Houston.

      • From Galveston in the east to El Paso in the west, there could indeed be two time zones in Texas. I’d say it would take quite a while to go from one city to the other.

  7. Fingred says:

    Nice job on the show this morning.

  8. In my opinion, all of TV News is a lie. In the sense that it is not meant to inform but to indoctrinate. Not only television news, but all mainstream information sources. The MSM is the Public Relations Regime as articulated by Edward Bernays.

    These particular “egregious” and trifling examples and the focus on them, is actually an aspect of the PR agenda. A sort of burlesque of self flagellation and repentance for show.

    • Sam says:

      Newspapers in the early days of the American Republic, sponsored by advertisers, were as slanted as the tee ver news of today. The way to get around the problem I think is to take the almighty dollar out of the equation, and also give the media autonomy from the state. Both are essential, as well as having an educated public and a healthy middle class, for news to do better. One way to fix the problem might be through a “news tax” that went to an independent or group of independents, because it would be best to not have just one source for news, but several independent competing ones, funded through a public tax so that they wouldn’t have to beg for corporate sponsorship.

  9. Ronnie Wayne says:

    Great to see Jeff spreading the truth in the MSM. I would have liked to have seen both of them facing the camera and a little more time devoted. Maybe O’Riley will call Jeff a name or two and get a few more readers for the web site.

    • Ramon F Herrera says:

      “Great to see Jeff spreading the truth in the MSM.”

      It would be great if Jeff told us about the increase in hits, today.

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