Readers weigh in on the best JFK website

We took this poll when JFK Facts launched last year but I discovered at least thirty percent of respondents preferred sites that I had not listed as choices.
So I have revised the choices.
Don’t worry if you voted before. Please vote again.


  1. The best one is John Simkin’s Education Forum and and the affiliated Spartacus. Having said that they need some “new blood” over there Ed Forum among the posters. There is a good diversity of JFK researchers over at Ed Forum (new folks needed) and Simkin has done a fabulous job with his Spartacus bios and entries.

    Having said that there are quality posters and information at many JFK web sites. I like JFK murdersolved because of Dankbaar’s work on GHW Bush. CTKA has some good stuff (and some not so good stuff… but really everything is like that).

    Deep Politics Forum has some good information despite having a well known jerk as moderator.

    JFK Facts is doing well and it is time for some other JFK researchers to start posting here as well.

    The McAdams site is a garbage site. I don’t need to be told that space aliens were not involved in the JFK assassination or that a lone nutter did it. Or that conspiracy “nuts” think there were 69 shooters on the Grassy Knoll all at the same time.

    And Mary Ferrell has a lot of valuable documents and things to read over there.

    Instead of a “best” web site, I suggest that folks read broadly and use critical thinking in their search for JFK truth.

    • Jonathan says:

      Re: Dankbaar. – Simkin has banned him from the Forum. I’ve no dog in that fight. QUESTION: Do you think Wim is correct about James Files and Judyth Baker (i.e., being for real)?

      Re: McAdams. – Len Osanic of Black Ops Radio has expreseed skepticism of this site because of its promotion of the McAdams site. Although I agree with Jeff and others that there is good factual info at the McA site, McA himself is a shameless deceiver.

  2. Eric Hollingsworth says:

    Speaking of polls, here’s the latest research conflating doubts about the JFK assassination with belief in Space Aliens:

    • I think it is disgusting that Public Policy Polling would do that; it is done intentionally and it is done to discredit anyone who thinks the government murdered JFK and covered it up. Notice how they squeeze JFK in between shape-shifting reptilians and Bigfoot/Sasquatch.

      What this really is is sneering push polling.

      There other Big Lie PPP is trying to push is to say the CIA was not dealing drugs in the 1980’s, when in fact Oliver North, the Bushes, the Clintons and the CIA were all involved in the drug trade up to their eyeballs. It involved thousands of operatives and billions of dollars of CIA drugs flowing into the USA. Notice how Q #11 sets up the straw man of a James Bond on street corner in Crenshaw selling rocks of crack; the reality is CIA/military/North/Bush/Clinton were flying thousands of plane trips into USA, wholesaling it and then handing the product off to mafia, black gangs, right wing militias and even Hell’s Angels as a distribution network (per Al Martin).

      Q13 Do you believe that shape-shifting reptilian
      people control our world by taking on human
      form and gaining political power to manipulate
      our societies, or not?
      Do …………………………………………………………. 4%
      Do not ……………………………………………………. 88%
      Not sure …………………………………………………. 7%

      Q14 Do you believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted
      alone in killing President Kennedy, or was
      there some larger conspiracy at work?
      Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone ………………… 25%
      There was some larger conspiracy at work….. 51%
      Not sure …………………………………………………. 24%

      Q15 Do you believe in Bigfoot or Sasquatch, or not?
      Do …………………………………………………………. 14%
      Do not ……………………………………………………. 72%
      Not sure …………………………………………………. 14%

      • Eric Hollingsworth says:

        Perhaps the question should have been Do you think we’d be better off if shape-shifting reptilian people took on human form and gained political power?

      • Jonathan says:

        The drug dealing of the 1980s to which you refer flies under the radar screen of even the most skeptical.

        Clinton and Mena Airport? Barry Seals?

        Peter Dale Scott in “Deep Politics” attempts rather well to tie drug dealing to the JFK assassination.

        The assassination was one of three things:

        1. a random act

        2. an “X” [mafia, CIA, LBJ] act

        3. an act that satisfied many and made a few $$$

        • Eric Hollingsworth says:

          There was a good piece that ran on Consortium News a bit ago about a new movie in the works about Gary Webb:

          • Jonathan says:

            Dunno about Gary Webb.

          • Eric Hollingsworth says:

            Gary Webb was a reporter for San Jose Mercury News who investigated the role of the CIA in bringing crack into the inter cities, in the context of the drug dealing that you and Robert have mentioned.

            He was ostracized by the mainstream press and eventually committed suicide. He might have leapt to some conclusions but also might have been right about many things.

            Unless, of course, you mean that you dunno about him because you don’t know how accurate he was. In that case, I really dunno either.

          • Jonathan says:

            I’ve bookmarked your link.

            FWIW, I knew instinctively how to play the game. I was admitted to a club. I knew the rules. Privileges. Saigon, 1971.

          • Eric Hollingsworth says:

            Inner cities. My internal editor usually kicks in after I hit Submit.

          • Eric Hollingsworth says:

            In 1971 the club I belonged to was the Cub Scouts. I had just moved to New Jersey and couldn’t figure out why I was being served flat Ka-Cola, as they had called it in my previous environs. I later learned that everyone called this drink Take-A-Boost, although the official name was by then Drink-A-Toast.

            I fear that I might be getting off topic.

          • Jonathan says:


            Good story.

        • Jonathan, here is my blog on the topic of “Jeb Bush and the Murder of CIA Drug Smuggler Barry Seal in 1986:”

          I suggest reading every single blog post I made. There is a lot of extremely valuable (and little known) information on this blog. 25 years out from these events, 1980’s CIA drug smuggling has been heavily documented. Also, please read the post on my bibliography of books on this topic.

  3. leslie sharp says:

    Eric, Gary Webb was ‘reported’ to have committed suicide or has that question been resolved?

    A friend of ours was working in the inner-city during the period, identified the influx of coke and discussed it openly; he moved East and several months later, died in a movie theater, age 58, of an a aneurysm related to an minor injury in his leg which was healing. fwiw

    • Eric Hollingsworth says:

      Well, it’s said that he shot himself twice, which is awful. What I’ve read, in these kinds of cases, is that well meaning people can make intrusions into the lives of innocent people that are quite painful. So I would let him rest in peace and judge his works on their merits.

      • leslie sharp says:

        I hope you didn’t read anything into what I said that suggested I would wish Gary Webb anything but peace – and respect and admiration for the battle he took on at the end of his life. There are many conflicting reports about the events leading to his death, and I believe a number of them suggest foul play including the incident with the moving company if memory serves. RIP

        The intended salient point in my post was that others who were on the ground during the coke epidemic were also speaking out because they saw a systematic and strategic operation in play, and our friend most likely paid a price according to his loved ones.

  4. Here is Gary Webb’s classic: “Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion” (1999)

    Another really good book to read is “Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA” by Terry Reed (1994) In fact, read that book and you will never look at American politics in the same way again. It is like getting kicked in the stomach.

  5. Since there’s different types of web sites – Forums, Encyclopedias, Blogs and Web Sits, I don’t think its a fair question, and not a matter of public opinion – some sites – like Mary Ferrell, provide incredible raw material for researchers, while McAdams provides digital testimony that is useful if you can get beyond his opinions. Simkin’s forum, the Deep Politics Forum, Lancer Forum and JFK Assassination Forum, as well as others are constantly changing with each new thread, while some web sites are apparently never updated (NARA). That’s why JFKFacts is really needed but can’t get bogged down in the morass.

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