7 thoughts on “Rare photos of JFK’s limousine”

  1. Personally I have never been much impressed by Vince Palamara. He has a general understanding of the Secret Service, but his contributions to the JFK assassination is spotty at best, and disingenuous at worst.

  2. There were witnesses at Parkland who describe the so called crack in the windscreen as in fact a hole. Motorcycle policeman Stavis Ellis said you could fit a pencil through that hole.

    Harold R. Freeman said he could feel that the damage was definitely a hole.

    Patrolman Nick Principe saw “a bullet hole”.

    Evalea Glanges, a medical student at Parkland, said “there was a hole in the windshield through and through from front to back”.
    There were other witness reports of this at Parkland before the Secret Service moved the vehicle away from prying eyes.

    Why is there so little evaluation and discussion of the evidence in and of the limousine?

    There is a web of obfuscation surrounding the limousine.

    The bullet hole on the windsreen as well as bullet fragments taken from that hole (the FBI description of the bullet hole as a crack); the damage to the inner side chrome frame of the windscreen; and the brain and tissue fragments found in the vehicle. What were the findings of the examination of the vehicle, and why was the vehicle cleaned up and refitted so soon?

    The photos posted in this are interesting, but what do they tell us about the assassination? Are there more forensic based photos of the vehicle and evaluations available from which to study the evidence?

  3. Ken, the article say’s “limousine(s)”. Emphasis on the s. If you look at the collection, as I thought it stated, it’s from FDR-JFK.
    The picture Jeff led with is obviously not the Queen Mary. As he alluded this is an awesome collection by Mr. Palamara. If you’ve not read his book on the SS stand down it is invaluable in trying to understand their actions.
    If this is possibly the QM being worked on a few days after 11/22/63 it would be quite interesting.

  4. How can this be JFK’s limo if the seat color and pattern don’t match the photos taken after the assassination?

    1. The photo states ‘seating plan’. Not sure what is meant by that but it isn’t a pic of the Presidential Limo’s interior on November 22, 1963.

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