Radio reporter to talk about his Oswald encounter

“Former WFAA-Radio Program Director Pierce Allman had no assignment to cover President John F. Kennedy’s visit to Dallas on November 22, 1963. At the last minute, Allman decided to walk to nearby Dealey Plaza to see the presidential motorcade.

Minutes later, Allman found himself at the center of history when he became one of the first reporters inside the Texas School Book Depository.”

He’ll be speaking at the Sixth Floor Museum’s October Living History Program on October 4.

I’m looking for someone in the Dallas area to attend this event and write up a short account of it.

I’m interested in what Allman has to say about his impressions of Oswald in that moment. Did he show any sign of recent physical exertion? Does he think it possible Oswald had raced from the 6th floor to that spot?

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