Question for Chris Christie: Will you release all JFK files in 2017?

A JFK question for New Jersey Governo Chris Christie: Will you enforced the JFK Records Act and mandate the release of all assassination-related records, as scheduled, in October 2017,

We hope so. The JFK Record was approved unanimously by Congress. It was signed into law by a Republican candidate and it was implemented by a Democratic president. There is no plausible national security reason for withholding the remaining 3,600+ JFK documents in the government’s possession.


Background for Gov. Christie, candidate staffers, reporters, and bloggers,

What Hillary Clinton said about JFK files in 2008.
Will Jeb Bush follow his father on JFK records?

More on the National Archives’ plans to declassify 3,600 JFK documents in October 2017.

Politico’s Bryan Bender on Why the last of the JFK records could embarrass the CIA.

What is the JFK Assassination Records Act? 

8 thoughts on “Question for Chris Christie: Will you release all JFK files in 2017?”

  1. Jeb would cover up for Daddy and Hillary would show no guts..Bill Clinton said he would open up the JFK files if elected president but changed his mind abruptly and said Oswald did it after he became president

  2. These questions should be asked of ALL presidential candidates, by anyone having the opportunity to ask: “Will you, as President, release ALL remaining government records relating to the assassination of JFK, as required by law? If not, what will be your criteria for withholding them?” The question should be asked by debate moderators. It should be asked during one-on-one interviews. It should be asked on radio call-in shows. It should be asked in community forums. It wouldn’t hurt us to remind any of these interviewers or forum participants that these questions, which are in the minds of many reasonable, rational, responsible Americans, should be asked and answered. Maybe some — Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Chuck Todd, Thom Hartman, Amy Goodman, Bill O’Reilly, Jake Tapper, Chris Matthews and hundreds others — will start asking these questions. These candidates — all of them — should be pressed to get themselves on record about the release of these mysterious records. Such release might very well end, once and for all, this sore that has festered for fifty years.

  3. In my opinion it is extremely jejune to expect this criminal syndicate calling itself “the government” would admit to perpetrating the JFK assassination, of any of the other heinous crimes it has committed in the last close to 100 years.
    But you can dream on!

  4. Do we really believe that the future President can make a decision that may show the CIA was involved in the cover up or possibly be complicit in the assassination? I sure hope they can but based on past history not holding my breath.

  5. First, it’s more than likely every 2016 candidate vying for the presidency will “say” they support releasing all of the files in their entirety, but as goes the old saying mere “talk is cheap”.

    Doorway Man cannot be Lovelady (given Buell Wesley Frazier’s sworn Warren Commission testimony, where he places Lovelady well down below his position standing w/their supervisor Bill Shelley out in front), but let’s just say Lovelady can defy physics and somehow become the “Doorway Man” in spite of Frazier’s testimony…

    that still doesn’t address the figure (Prayer Man)that Mr. LeDoux mentions. IMHO–in their haste to make Lovelady “Doorway Man”–they inadvertently locked in their final answer–OOPS!

  6. “A JFK question for New Jersey Governo Chris Christie: Will you enforced the JFK Records Act and mandate the release of all assassination-related records, as scheduled, in October 2017,”

    Would you like to hire an editor?

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