Project ARTICHOKE: how the CIA tried to hypnotize an unwitting assassin

A revealing document from UNREDACTED, the blog of the nonprofit National Security Archive illuminates how CIA officers pondered carrying out political assassinations.

“This 22 January 1954 CIA memo shows that the Agency also pondered using hypnotized assassination. The report’s central question was, ‘Can an individual of [redacted] descent be made to perform an act of attempted assassination involuntarily under the influence of ARTICHOKE?’ ”

The document went on to stipulate that this assassination attempt would be “against a prominent [redacted] politician or if necessary, against an American official.”  After “American official” there was a hand written asterisk.  At the end of the document, next to another handwritten asterisk, the words “simulated only” were handwritten.

Utlimately, the CIA personnel involved that assassination via hypnosis was not feasible.

via Document Friday: Project ARTICHOKE, or How the CIA Attempted to Create an Unwitting Assassin Through Hypnosis | UNREDACTED.


  1. Michael says:

    Great to know, but what happened 11/22/63 was performed by trained assassins!

  2. don gul says:

    I suppose it’d be interesting to know what they mean by “feasible”. Could you actually accomplish an assassination, maybe not. But could you lead a patsy to a specific area and get them to fire a handgun while someone else accomplished the actual killing making it appear it was the patsy doing it?

    Such sleight-of-hand is a procedure that any amateur magician is familiar with.

  3. gerry campeau says:
    The original Artichoke file had documents starting in Dec 1950.John Michael Frankenheimer the director of Manchurian Candidate also directed Seven Days of May in 1964, There is more Truth then Fiction in both films

    • gerry campeau says:

      I see you edited out my last sentence on Pash, seems you are no longer interested in dialog and debate. Pash and Robert Elis Jones our key in proving that Assassination of JFK was Military coup

      • jeffmorley says:

        Nobody at JFK Facts edited any of your comments, I assure you. I remain interested, as always, in dialog and debate

  4. James says:

    Without doubt agree with the comments above. How alarming to think this was in the minds of those sicko’s in the CIA as early as the 50’s. There were/are some seriously disturbed, sick people in the Corrupt Institute of America otherwise known as the CIA.

    I do not believe JFK was exposed to this operation but by god his brother was, RFK all day long. There are plenty gaps and questions still unanswered following his silencing in 68 and again they had another perfectly placed assassin with the relevant background.BS. The CIA are the terrorists….been doing it for years.

  5. Fairy Floss says:

    Derren Brown has proved that this scenario actually can work.

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