POLITICO is the latest to pick up on JFK Facts story

POLITICO has picked up on a story that I first reported on JFK Facts in May 2013.

In a Magazine story headlined, “Was RFK a JFK Conspiracy Theorist?” (Spoiler alert: Yes), former New York Times reporter Phil Shenon writes:“The National Archives has confirmed that more than 1,000 documents related to the president’s murder are still being withheld from public view, most of them at the request of the CIA.”

Shenon is right about the withheld CIA documents, although he understates the exact number. In fact, the agency is withholding approximately 1,100 JFK documents until October 2017, and you don’t need the National Archives to confirm it. Just read.

Excerpt from a sworn statement by CIA Information Coordinator Delores Nelson.

As I reported in May 2013, CIA Information Coordinator Delores Nelson revealed the existence of this previously unknown trove of JFK records on page 20 of a sworn affidavit (download or see above) filed in federal court in September 2010. Nelson’s affidavit was submitted in response to my lawsuit, Morley v. CIA, seeking the records of a deceased CIA officer involved in the events of 1963.

POLITICO is not the first major news organization to pick up on the story of the 1,100 withheld CIA documents. Last year, David Porter of the Associated Press, James Rosen of Fox News, and Bryan Bender of the Boston Globe reported on this still-unseen trove of assassination-related records. The other news organizations had the decency to credit me.

These still-secret records include the operational files of well-known intelligence officers such as Howard Hunt, the Watergate burglar; David Phillips, CIA officer allegedly seen with Lee Oswald and later founder of the Association of Foreign Intelligence Officers (AFIO), and Yuri Nosenko, a KGB defector who was familiar with accused assassin Lee Oswald’s stay in the Soviet Union.

All told, the POLITICO story is a positive development. When Shenon published a piece two weeks ago in the Washington Post about Charles Schaffer, a former Warren Commission staffer who has come to doubt the “lone gunman” explanation of JFK’s assassination, I discerned  a “fading taboo” against critics of the official story. John Cassidy’s piece in the New Yorker last year was an early example of this trend.

Shenon’s story in POLITICO is the latest sign that U.S. media outlets are — without admitting it — becoming more open to reporting on alternative interpretations of JFK’s wrongful death 51 years go.

Some will say “Too little, too late.”

Many will say “About time.”

And some (like me) will say, “Better late than never.”







via Was RFK a JFK Conspiracy Theorist? – Philip Shenon – POLITICO Magazine.

15 thoughts on “POLITICO is the latest to pick up on JFK Facts story”

  1. Speaking of missing documents! I went to Jr High School with the son (Frank) of the Director of the National Archives for the Kennedy Assassination (Marion Johnson). In Oct 1972, Frank told me that his father had Kennedy’s Brain at his house. Additionally, he indicated that he had other boxes of X-Rays and documents. However, the next day he told me to never tell anyone what he had told me the day before. He was visibly frightened and shaken! Later, in 1990 I read David Lifton’s book ‘Best Evidence’ and was shocked to find out that in Oct 1972 a large trove of documents went missing from the National Archives. The lead investigator (of 12) to find those missing records was ‘Marion Johnson’! Of course, the files (and the Brain matter) were never found. I contacted David Lifton immediately, and exchanged a few e-mails. However, I never heard from him again. I tried to follow up and contact Frank Johnson. Mr. Johnson (Marion) was quite old at the time, but was still alive in 1990 when I tried to locate Frank. He answered the phone, but actually couldn’t hear me very well. Find Frank Johnson or his brother “Bill” and you will find Kennedy’s brain. I believe they both went on to Princeton. I believe their address at the time was about 2260 Vermont St. in North Arlington, Va. There is a new house there since about 2007.

  2. Good article, though I notice he still has to trot out the old label of Oswald and Ruby being “pathetic misfits” to whom no one would ever trust such deeds as killing POTUS and then killing the assassin.

    Think about this for a minute. If the Two Lone Nut Buffs are correct, then both Oswald and Ruby are, ipso facto, just the kind of people you’d want to pull off these acts. According to them, Oswald, with just two days’ notice, manages to surreptitiously acquire ammo for the rifle he’d hidden in the Paine’s garage (without anyone noticing it), manages to get back to the Paine’s residence and get Ruth’s permission to spend the night, whereupon he (again unbeknownst to anyone) slips into the garage unseen, disassembles the rifle, conceals it in a carrying bag no one noticed him bringing in, then slips out of the house the next morning again with no one noticing the extra baggage he’s carrying until he arrives at his co-workers residence, then smuggles this package into the TSBD without anyone but the guy who gave him the ride noticing, hides it somewhere and/or manages to transport it to the sixth floor (again no one notices), then at some point that morning reassembles the rifle and by himself constructs the sniper’s nest of very heavy book cartons totally unnoticed, then manages to pull off a feat of brilliant marksmanship some of the best shooters in the world have failed to match in recreations, and then removes himself from the 6th floor without anyone seeing him until he is seen 4 or 5 floors lower only 90 seconds after the shots were fired. Almost forgot, he also had to have been carrying the ammo with him at the Paines and on his way to work the next day, nobody noticed these bullets either (admittedly they’d be much easier to hide than a rifle).

    As for Ruby, he’d palled around with so many cops and city officials over the years, he could come and go from police headquarters as if it was his own office, putting himself in close proximity to Oswald on quite a few occasions over that weekend, then manages to slip into the garage from which Oswald is to be transported to the county jail only a minute or two before the alleged assasin’s arrival there, gets into prime position to be able to get off a point-blank shot, takes advantage of the very briefest window of apportunity to jump in and do it when the protective shield around Oswald is broken, and kills him with one shot.

    You could argue “they both got caught!” Well, Oswald, if guilty, didn’t crack under questioning, he admitted to nothing, and things being what they were in that garage, it was inevitable Ruby would be captured, a small price to pay if Oswald is killed. But that’s assuming there was a conspiracy, and we all know they were just two pathetic lone nuts, right? 😉

    1. Ramon F Herrera

      “then at some point that morning reassembles the rifle and by himself constructs the sniper’s nest of very heavy book cartons totally unnoticed”

      Speaking of pesky co-workers…

      Back when I was a newbie on this subject, I was under the impression that only one person worked in the 6th. floor: Lee. This implies that any time of the day -during regular weekday working hours- was good enough for the presidential caravan to pass under the SBD. I was therefore shocked when I learned that a LOT of people worked on that floor.

      This necessarily leaves a narrow 1-hour window of opportunity during which Lee would be alone: 12 to 1. Lunch break. The planners left 30 minutes as a margin for error, and the limo passed exactly at 12:30.

      The LNs will claim that of all the hours in the clock, the ONLY one compatible with a 6th. floor shooting was COINCIDENTALLY selected.

      Yeah, right! I have some land in Mexico for sale….

    2. Charlene Richards

      Anyone who has been paying the slightest bit of attention (I was 13 on that horrid day) now realizes that even though “Oswald” (but I think it was LBJ’s hit man Malcome Wallace in the Texas School Book Depository window) may have pulled off shots from the back, the final kill shot came from the FRONT and to this day no one knows for certain “WHO” that was.

      Before I’m dead there are a few things on my bucket list. One of them is finding out “who” fired the shot from the front that blew JFK’s brains all over Dallas in broad daylight.

      Then if that person is still living I want to see him arrested, indicted, found guilty and sentenced. I think the death penalty would be in order legally (although I am against the death penalty).

      Until the perps of crimes against the state are brought to justice (and we all know which crimes I am referring to….), NOTHING will change in the United States.

      1. Charlene, I’m with you on Mac Wallace’s role. . I’m surprised we haven’t seen his name more on these boards. I’m betting Wallace hit fired the shot that hit JFK in the back of the head, then a shot from the front is what killed him. As I’ve been saying, I simply don’t see the fatal shot as having come from the TSBD.

  3. Ramon F Herrera

    [Morley:] “And some (like me) will say, “Better late than never.””

    … and I say “good things come to those who wait”.

    -Signed: America


    I borrowed the above from the movie “Silence of the Lambs” in order to illustrate this: I am convinced that the plan that “They” conceived has been all along to reveal the truth, albeit in (very) slow motion.

    Not unlike the strippers at Carousel Club, at the end what is before our eyes, is pretty much what we expected and suspected.

    Every year we know a little more, and most of it points in the direction of conspiracy. See John Kerry’s intervention.

  4. I noticed this too around the 50th last year. First it was RFK jr coming out, and the quick scramble to hide that interview. Then it was a mock trial held in Dallas with lawyers from all around where Oswald got a (not not guilty, but not innocent either) verdict, although for obvious reasons it wasn’t highly publicised. And then there was something else that I can no longer remember. It all made me think that the powers that be, lawyers, judges, everyday people, the Kennedy family… don’t seem particularly worried with keeping this secret any more. Maybe the ideals from that time no longer hold, maybe just enough time has passed. Who knows? But I am glad of it and glad others can sense this shift as well.

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