Politico photo gallery on the still-secret Kennedy files 

The JFK Records Act of 1992 ordered that all of the files related to the federal inquiry into John F. Kennedy’s assassination be made public in 25 years. As the October 2017 deadline nears, POLITICO takes a look at what the files might tell us -– if we actually get to see them.

Source: The Kennedy files – Photos – POLITICO


  1. gerry campeau says:

    I see Gary Hart is prominent in PolitIco file,he maybe the only living member of Church Committee besides Sen. Richard Schweiker.i would like to ask both of them why between Hart and Schweiker they gave less then one hour to question Col. Boris Pash?

  2. Paul Turner says:

    I guess we just have to hold our breath until October, 2017. I’m pleased that Martha Murphy is getting the ball rolling at this time on us seeing the files. I noticed Goldwater as a Church Committee member.

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