6 thoughts on “Photographer who captured funeral salute by JFK’s son passes”

  1. Roy W Kornbluth

    Missing caption: “That’s right, John, Jr. Salute our new masters in the manner they prefer.”

  2. The photographer didn’t have to ‘capture’ anything. Young JFK Jr. had been practicing the salute long before his father was killed and, if you watch the news coverage you can see that Mrs. Kennedy actually encouraged the young boy to give the salute. The building of the legend was already in progress. Touching yes. Spontaneous no. Heart-rending for sure.

  3. No dignity. Not the dignity President John F. Kennedy deserved as a U S citizen, or President.

    I hope the true autopsy facts see the light of day sometime in the future.

    His wounds may have been properly dissected, and it is likely known how many shots & from which direction. It is information however that is a National Security Secret.

    It is intriguing to think how many people knew how all the pieces fit together in 63. I’m sure there are some alive today who know.

    It doesnt seem right there are people who rest comfortably in their graves knowing the actual facts of the Assasination would not come out in their lifetimes, or their grandchildren.

    Would there be an opening with Cuba if Castro and Cuba were involved? Does that mean we should scratch Castro/Cuba off our lists?

    If President Johnson was involved I’m not sure the U S Government will ever let that be known. He definitely had more of a Motive than many others. Johnson perhaps also benefited the most from the Assasination.

    If one is allowed to be cynical given the situation the story that is eventually told may not be the TRUE STORY of what happened on 22/11/63. There has been over 50 years to write and prove an additional false story.

    We now know Oswald had Intelligence connections and that he was paid for that. We may see the Zapruder Film with all original frames, or maybe we wont.

    Perhaps the crime will 200 years from now be pinned on the Soviets.

    Oswald may have been involved, or maybe not. I cant see his involvement changing or there perhaps would have to be compensation for his descendants.

    It is a good feeling that many of Kennedy’s Dreams have come to pass.

    The Dream never dies.

  4. There were many ways JFK was robbed of his dignity. I think if an experienced elder statesman like Truman or Roosevelt was assassinated the attitude would have been “we’re going to do everything in our power to find the culprits!”

    Instead with JFK the autopsy was botched, the Warren Report was a joke, the CIA and FBI withheld crucial evidence, on and on. These things say a lot.

  5. This is the picture that brings back that weekend for me. I’d just turned seven and don’t remember seeing John John salute but I probably did. The picture brings back watching the funeral in black and white where I do remember asking my parents why does the (riderless) horse have boots backwards in the stirrups? The somberness and length of the funeral parade. Nothing but news all day and night the previous three days on all three channels. I knew something major had happened.
    This picture brings back lunch on 11/22/63 in Denver. I walked about three blocks home. While I was eating Mother got a call and seemed excited. She turned on the transistor radio in the kitchen. I went back to school. Nobody in the halls or classroom. Except the teacher. She was crying and told me to go back home.

  6. It is a very sad moment photographed so ably by Dan Ferrell.

    The grief glimpsed on Jackie’s face through her black mantilla & veil is something I also still find difficult to look at even after all these years.

    God knows where she got the courage to go on after coming close to almost being killed herself 22/11/63.

    It is starting to be written about in some recent books she quite likely suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of seeing her husband’s head blown off.

    It was also very heart wrenching that she agreed to pose for LBJ’s swearing in on Air Force One. I have read she did that because her husband would have wanted that So courageous. A Great First Lady.

    Meanwhile there were those who were well into the Cover-up at this point.

    They werent even out of Trauma Room One and buckets of water had been thrown into the Presidential Limousine to clear away evidence.

    It was not a perfect crime as it was not anticipated Abraham Zapruder would take a movie while the shots were being fired in front of him

    Soon after the POTUS didnt get a proper autopsy. His wounds werent dissected.

    I am not even sure John F. Kennedy corpse was given the dignity it deserved in Dallas or Bethseda as there were so many people with their minds on the Cover-up.

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