Petition to free JFK documents tops 2,800 signatures

Join the more than 2,800 people who have signed a petition calling on the Obama administration to do its joband enforce the JFK Records Act.

Thanks to the National Archives, we know specific details about these records which indicate they are historically significant. Writing in Salon in 2012,I described these files as “the Holy Grail” of JFK researchers.

Along with the still-censored files of George Joannides, these records will likely shed light on CIA’s role in the events leading to JFK’s death.


8 thoughts on “Petition to free JFK documents tops 2,800 signatures”

  1. The reason millions vote for idol is because the show is promoted, advertised and broadcast via mass media and everyone is aware of the opportunity to vote.

    By contrast how many people know there is a petition to vote for release of JFK records? I certainly didn’t and if I did Id sign in a heartbeat! In fact I still don’t know where to find the petition. Can you tell me?

    1. The link is available on this website if you click the action icon on the home page. Look left.
      JMO it should be featured on the home page of all the related sites. This one, Mary Ferrell, Lancer, COPA, CTKA, Pat Speer, Greg Burnham and many more. Even the Education Forum, though based in the UK. Many US citizens read it, world wide. A word from Mr. Simpkin urging them to sign it could be helpful. Maybe the foreign could pick it up and spread it to the USA.
      FREEIGTHEFILES is still the one issue something can be done about now.

  2. I find it a depressing commentary on our country that millions of people will vote for amateur pop “idols” on the telly, but in a country of 250+ million, less than 3000 people have signed a petition to tell us more (whatever that “more” turns out to be) about the murder of a generally beloved American President.

    To quote an ancient Japanese maxim:
    “Oh, snail, climb Mt. Fuji
    But slowly, slowly.”

    1. The website does not just pop up in searches, like many others on the subject. You can be pretty specific in some searches and come up with nothing by the 3-4-5th pages or nothing at all.
      Operation Paperclip in 2014?
      If ever a true grass roots movement were to be of value to Democracy it seems it would be in this case. Talking to friends and family. Calling/e-mailing local tv & newspapers as the msm won’t touch it. Greater support on this one issue of FREEIGTHEFILES from researchers, writers, and their affiliated websites would help. More on facebook, twitter…..

  3. Joshua Michael Roark


    Please release ALL files related to the assassination of 35th president of the united states John fitzgerald Kennedy. Next November it will be 50 years since those shots rang out in Dallas
    Texas. 50 years. That is too long for ANYONE to wait. We seek to revenge, retribution or anything of the like towards ANY person or persons or agencies that may be named as participants in any way in the assassination of JFK. We seek ONLY the full truth. We seek, as a nation to have our collective wound healed. Until that wound is healed, we cannot truly consider ourselves to be a free and soverign nation. If our government continues to insist on keeping secrets from us for as long as they please for “national security” reasons, then you cannot expect the people to have faith in ANYTHING else the tell us. I WANT to have faith in this country and in our government. Please re-store that faith that we all long for. Release ALL of these files and let John F. Kennedy rest in peace. Thank you.

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