Petition for JFK disclosure gains 2,000+ signatures

The fact that the CIA is still concealing at least 1,172 documents related to JFK’s assassination from the public is either absurd or sinister.  What can you do? Join the more than 2,000 people who are petitioning the Obama administration to do its job and enforce the JFK Records Act.

Thanks to the National Archives, we know specific details about these records which indicate they are historically significant. Writing in Salon earlier this year, I described these files as “the Holy Grail” of JFK researchers. Along with the still-censored files of George Joannides, these records will very likely shed light on CIA’s role in the events leading to JFK’s death.

1 thought on “Petition for JFK disclosure gains 2,000+ signatures”

  1. Martin Luther King prophetically asserted, “No lie can last forever.” Jimmy Carter agrees in the title poem of his 1995 collection, ALWAYS A RECKONING. And when the truth concerning the murders of the Kennedys finally emerges–as it will–what then? Alas, Babylon.

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