Petition aims to protect free speech in Dealey Plaza

John Judge and the Coalition on Political Assassinations have launched a petition drive to reverse the city of Dallas’s plans to seal off Dealey Plaza from the public on November 22, 2013, the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination.

The city’s plans, as they have been articulated so far, call for an invitation-only event and a complete ban on discussion of the causes of the assassination. As Dallas Observer columnist Jim Schutze noted earlier this month, “Dallas Still Wants to Control Speech on JFK Anniversary.” “Nothing could be crazier or sadder,” he observes.

The city’s actions are radical and unprecedented. The scene of Kennedy’s death has never been the subject of such thought policing in the last 50 years. Indeed, the Dallas Courts have upheld the right of critics of the official story to express their views in Dealey Plaza no less than 81 times in recent years.



4 thoughts on “Petition aims to protect free speech in Dealey Plaza”

  1. No doubt the planned memorial will be highly dignified on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary. Historian David McCullough is apparently going to provide a level of gravitas and presumed accuracy. There is no better Dallasite than Roger Staubach to ensure the pomp, but it appears that Ruth Collins Sharp Altschuler will be determining the overall affect: present President Kennedy in his best light, the assassination a side bar, and Dallas exonerated.

    The attempt by researchers, journalists, passionate citizens and interested parties to secure visibility and expression is critical to making certain that the conspiracy is not buried in this sentimental display.

    I agree with Jonathan. It is futile to go up against these people. The coalition must pursue the courts.

  2. An interested party (Jeff Morley?) ought to bring suit to enjoin the city’s ban, which is clearly a violation of Amendment I.

    Political speech is the most protected right.

    The lawyers for the City of Dallas know this but don’t care. The only way to thwart the City of Dallas is a petition to the appropriate court; not a plea to the city.

  3. Why doesn’t somebody organize a peaceful demonstration, a massive March on Dealey Plaza on Nov. 22 to force the issue?

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