Pete Seeger: remembering a folk music hero (and forgetting the blacklisted communist)

“Pete Seeger received some very complimentary obituaries in the American press this week. They only briefly mentioned his blacklisting and definitely did not say anything about the media’s role in the destruction of his career in the early 1950s.”

–via John Simkin at Spartacus Blog.

1 thought on “Pete Seeger: remembering a folk music hero (and forgetting the blacklisted communist)”

  1. There was a liberal-left “Brown Scare” that targeted imaginary fifth columnists during the period leading up to US entry into WWII. See articles by Justin Raimondo: “The Return of the Witch-Hunters,” ”Tale of a ‘Seditionist’–The Lawrence Dennis Story” and “Why I Hate Harry Truman.” Also see “Father of the Committee: Rep. Samuel Dickstein and the Origins of HUAC” at and “Terror Begins at Home” by Philip Jenkins at Books: J. Edgar Hoover and the Anti-interventionists: FBI Political Surveillance and the Rise of the Domestic Security State, 1939-1945 by Douglas Charles and A Trial on Trial: The Great Sedition Trial of 1944 by Lawrence Dennis.

    Seeger was an anti-interventionist from Aug 23, 1939 to June 22, 1941 but did just fine during the Brown Scare.

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