Oswald in Mexico City:  Shenon and the Twist Party

Cruel and Shocking ActBill Kelly digs deep into an old story:

Central to Shenon’s thesis is a Mexico City Twist Party, which he learned about from some of the recently released records of State Department mid-level diplomat Charles William Thomas, whose suicide is said to be related to the failure of the government to act on the information he provided about the Twist Party and its possible association to the assassination.

Source: JFKcountercoup: A Cruel and Shocking Twist

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  1. There was more than one party set up for Oswald to meet Michael Paine – both at the house shared by three Magnolia Oil Company employees – Michael Paine apparently missed the first so a second one was scheduled – and I am not of the opinion deMohrenscholts was the instremtal player. Besides Glover and Schmidt there was a third resident – Richardson? Whose father was an employee of Radio Free Europe, and there was a civilian support group set up in Texas to shield the CIA funding of RFE that includes some major players. My point being that Shenon gets to write a book about a party where Oswald wasn’t encouraged to kill anyone when there was a party where he was – a party that deserves more attention – though we can’t depend on Shenon to write about it.

  2. After reading and writing about Phil Shenon’s book A Cruel and Shocking Act, I wrote a series of other articles – including one about another party where Oswald was encouraged to commit political assassination by Volkmar Schmidt.

    The idea that the accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald attended a party where he was encouraged to commit political assassination is not so far fetched however, as it did indeed happen, though not at a twist party in Mexico City but at a house party in Dallas in February 1963.


  3. Bill Kelley, the following is an excerpt from a recent string of comments I posted on another thread here at jfkfacts. It is not meant to undermine your Volkmar Schmidt scenario but rather to flesh out the circumstances of that particular evening in Dallas in late 1962:

    “William Kelley has posted an interesting essay related to this particular party, recounting that {Glover’s housemate} Volkmar Schmidt has told him that he talked to Oswald that night about the merits of assassinating Gen. George Walker (paraphrasing). Schmidt was not directly involved in introducing Ruth Paine to George and Jeanne deMohrenschildt. Everett Glover testified that it was he who facilitated the introduction Caveat: it is possible of course that many of these individuals lied under oath; the Paines may well have known the deMohrenschildts prior to that evening. but Glover states they did not; and he states that Ruth first met Marina and Lee at that party. So Glover and Ballen appear to have been significant conduits in the positioning of the Oswalds in the Paine’s lives in spite of theories that deMohrenschildt alone was the handler.”

    (to be continued)

    1. The Twist was a song and dance popularized by Chunby Checker.

      Jack Ruby promoted a “twist board” weight loss device on the evening before the assassination.

  4. Arnaldo M. Fernandez

    The info provided by Thomas was pure crap. The story of the twist party (Castro intelligence agent Sylvia Duran instructing Oswald to kill Kennedy in a party that included Garro herself and the notorious red-hair Cuban negro invented by Gilberto Alvarado) was told by Thomas´ friend, Mexican writer Elena Garro, and dismissed by the FBI due to flagrant lies and inconsistencies, like all the other allegations of red conspiracies in Mexico City made by Alvarado and also Pedro Gutierrez, Salvador Diaz-Verson, Vladimir Rodriguez Lahera, Antulio Ortiz Ramirez, Marty Underwood…
    Shenon put Garro´s crap in his fact-free analysis on the Castro connection. See “Philip Shenon’s Crap Detector”, by Arnaldo M. Fernandez and Jim DiEugenio, at http://www.ctka.net/2015/Shenon%27s%20Crap%20Detector.html

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