Who else does original reporting on the JFK story?

Herminio Diaz, Tony Cuesta
From left to right, Tony Cuesta, Herminio Diiza and other commandos before the raid on Monte Barreto.

No other website consistently does fact-based JFK reporting the way JFK Facts does.

Oh sure, there are websites that chew over the same ol’ conspiracy theories. There are sites that chew over the same ol’ anti-conspiracy theories.

But there’s only one site that does original, fact-checkable journalism like Arnaldo Fernandez’s account of a CIA-sponsored raid on Cuba in 1966 that generated a credible suspect in JFK’s assassination.

Like Bill Simpich’s investigation of the curious story of Lee Harvey Oswald’s wallet.

Like Ed Primeau’s fascinating and important work on the Air Force One tapes.

Like suing the CIA — and sticking with it for 10 years.

Like catching the U.S. Attorney in the nation’s capital changing the government’s account of an undercover officer involved in the JFK story.

It’s not easy. It’s not cheap. And if readers don’t contribute, JFK Facts will have to stop doing this work.

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17 thoughts on “Who else does original reporting on the JFK story?”

  1. I have been wondering for a while if anyone knows what information Cuban intelligence has on the anti-Castro Cubans’ activities in America during the Kennedy presidency? Where Cuban intelligence officers, or informers, active in gathering information/intelligence in places like Miami, New Orleans etc? Has the Cuban government ever stated if they have files on some of the characters suspected of possibly having a role in the assassination of JFK?

  2. Arnaldo M. Fernandez

    Just for completing the caption: From left to right, Tony Cuesta, Herminio Díaz, Ramón Font y Armando Romero. The latter also died in the Monte Barreto raid. Font did not take part in this action, but was allegedly still active in 1998, at 76 years of age, organizing with Posada Carriles and other Cuban exiles an attempt against Castro in the Dominican Republic.

  3. Shane McBryde

    I recently donated $25.00. That’s not a lot overall, but I also contribute to my church, NPR and the ASPCA along with other odd acts of charitable giving. So, $25.00 bucks was that portion of what I was able to give. I wish I had $500.00 to donate. I’m a big believer in the work done by Jeff and think it has contributed significantly and historically to what all was going around in that era.

    It’s obviously beyond a personal hobby for Mr. Morley and I often wonder how he can manage putting in all the effort and not get paid.

  4. Arnaldo M Fernandez

    I think JFKfacts and CTKA are complementary: fact-checkable journalism and fact-checkable extensive analysis. That´s why both make the difference against fact-free large analysis and short reporting. Both websites are providing more and more conspiracy facts that couldn´t be dismissed as factoids.

  5. Again, I’d like to ask how many Americans in general, or investigators in particular, ever reported on the fact that the site of the Tippit Killing, 10th and Patton, is only about 150 yards from Jack Ruby’s front door at 222-225 S. Ewing. Why are we looking for where Oswald was going when it is so obvious? Most Americans would poop their pants if they learned the proximity of the killing site of Tippit to Ruby’s house.

      1. Mike, Thank you so much for the detailed and presentable map. I have been wanting something like this for a long time to ask the “coincidence theorists” to explain this situation.

  6. there is plenty of interaction on CTKA – but it is interaction among knowledgeable researchers, which is plenty and illuminating, even more so then here (though I have great respect for this site). And to say that Morley is the first true journalist to take up this cause is classically ignorant and insulting; Morley is great, but true journalists – and/or people working in the true journalistic tradition – have been on this topic for over 45 years. Wake up Mr. McBryde.

  7. Jefferson Morley, so far as I know is the first serious, mainstream, and as we say in the South, ‘sho nuff’ journalist to really take up the case to the exclusion of almost all other work. Let’s not forget this man has taken a bullet for it too. I’ve been reading Morley’s work on this case since, “What Jane Roman Said.” That was a ground breaking and now seminal piece of reporting that shed light on an entirely unknown aspect of the case. Namely, George Joannides.

    That’s about as big a contribution as one can make. Also, Morley seems to have considerable tolerance for a variety of different opinions on the forum. The man walks the walk, and talks the talk. And, he’s had to foot the bill.

    Jeff, you have my pledge that I will be donating to the cause soon. My work is seasonal and has not yet picked up. But, I am committed to JFKFacts and the work being done, and I will make that commitment known!

    On another note, I just began reading, “Breach Of Trust,” Gerald McKinight. Wow, good stuff! I never knew General Walker had actually had his lawyers hire a couple of private eyes to do their own investigation of his shooting. They apparently suspected it was some other guy possibly in cahoots with Oswald.

  8. A huge difference & an obvious fault with CTKA vs. JFK Facts is there is no interaction between the public & the researchers at CTKA. This gives the impression public feedback is not desired. At Jeff Morley’s website he publishes balanced public opinions on his stories (when possible). Imagine a newspaper that had no ‘letters to the editor’ section & you have CTKA. I prefer Jeff Morley; Jeff welcomes comments & he responds to some of them over authors who publish ‘my way or the highway’ toned works that often become defensive when their essay is criticized (I’m thinking Doug Horne’s recent comments negating the C-130 crew here). Authors that give me that impression save me money I don’t spend on their books or DVD’s. Jeff Morley’s book, on the other hand, lives proudly on my bookshelf.

  9. this is a great site, but truly, the pioneer sight on JFK info, with the most comprehensive data base of important articles is Jim DiEugenio’s CTKA. Hands down.

    1. Yes, Jeff – clearly you have not followed http://www.CTKA.net. Lots of original research. Facts, not theories.

      Jim has a Masters in History and teaches history in the Los Angeles area. He doesn’t peddle theories.

      1. Ms. Pease, thank you for posting. I must say I enjoy your work in The Assassinations, other CTKA articles I’ve read and the intro to Reclaiming Parkland. I’ve used your term Conspiracy Realist more than once (no I’m a Conspiracy Realist, enough of the Truth is out there if you care enough to take the time to read about it).
        I’m not sure I understand your comment about not following CTKA. They are two totally different sites.
        I read junk on here and go to CTKA usually first among a few other sites looking for Truth.
        I go there looking for researched informative articles and reviews including the archives.
        I come here to read the comments of other common people and a few more well versed in the subject and to comment with my limited knowledge.
        I’ve posted links to CTKA on here along with others (search the site for Len Osanic/John McAdams).
        Jeff has taken flack from an article on here about CTKA and/or another about Jim and in at least one of them seemed to change his opinion.
        The sites are for different purposes but share a common goal.
        I just wish they could come together on the one issue that could give us more relevant information now than anything else I’m aware of.
        As I understand it the records to be released are subject to such if the CIA does not protest and if the POTUS at the time in turn does not authorize their release.
        Mr. D posts on here occasionally, still taking the time to counter Dr. JMac.
        I wish You, He, Dr. Mantik, Mr. Horne and so many others would throw the combined weight of your knowledge and effort into making this one thing happen.
        Demanding, petitioning (again) Obama before he’s gone or Making it an issue in the next presidential election.
        Off soap box.

    2. It’s a great site! Do they have a forum?

      I like this site because of the commentary and that it’s short and sweet.

      You need time to read some of the long articles in CTKA.

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