‘One man’s journey into JFK and the major media’

How and why I started investigating the JFK assassination story and what I learned along the way:

“The issue isn’t conspiracy. Its transparency.”


From Black Op Radio’s JFK series, “50 Reasons for 50 Years.”.


CIA admits undercover officer lived in New Orleans (Nov. 11, 2013)

 5 Decades Later Some JFK FIles Still Sealed (Associated Press, Aus. 18. 2013)

Justice Dept. denies CIA officer was honored for coverup (JFK Facts,Dec. 17, 2012)

Court uphold public benefit of disclsoure about CIA officer in JFK story (JFK Facts, June 19, 2013)

CIA Still Cagey About Oswald Mystery (New York Times, October 17, 2009)

Morley v. CIA: Why I sued the CIA for JFK assassination records (JFK Facts, Feb. 23, 2013)


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15 thoughts on “‘One man’s journey into JFK and the major media’”

  1. John, I don’t know why someone hasn’t gotten back to about “Howard”. From one of Jeff’s “live performances” (if I remember correctly), he did fine that Howard was one of two or three code names of Mr. Joannides. Also I believe this is mentioned in one of Len’s 50 reasons.

    About John Newman “Dusty”, he wrote the great books JFK & Vietnam 1992 and Oswald & the CIA 1995. After he retired from military he taught at University of Maryland for 20 or so years. He’s on Facebook and you can “friend” him.

    I heard both Newman & Morley at the 2003 Pittsburgh conference & again in 2004 at the 40th anniversary of the Warren commission conference in WashDC (the latter one can be found on C-Span).

    1. S.R."Dusty" Rohde

      Bob…yes, I’m familiar with those aspects of Mr.Newmans history but not whether he was the same John Newman who was in the Dallas News building on 11/22/63. But good idea, I’ll ask him.

  2. I expect when Jeff Morley succeeds in his valiant & unprecedented crusade to obtain the release of all censored JFK assassination records the media that previously shunned & fought him will seek him out to tie the loose ends up & explain to them how it really went down. Smart visitors to his website should follow the arrows he briefly uses at pointers & learn as much as possible under censorship situations. They will receive a far better education with Jeff Morley’s guidance than in anything they’ll see on TV or in some classrooms.

    Together the biased media & disinformation specialists have spent a fortune attempting to pull a fast one over on a now highly educated global public that knows better. This reached a fever pitch just a month ago. From the wasted effort & expense will come nothing beneficial to a world simply looking for truth; a fraction of the expense spent on lying to the public could have served the world much better backing sincere, courageous investigative journalists, JFK research authors & historians that include Jeff Morley.

  3. The words of Jane Roman stick in my mind.
    In commenting on the Oct 10 cable, she stated that it indicated to her that someone in the CIA special affairs staff had taken a “keen interest in Oswald held very closely on a need to know basis”
    This is coming from the horses mouth as she was one of the signatories on the cable.
    How fascinating that some of the top people in the CIA would be taking such an interest in Oswald shortly before the assassination when he was supposed to be an obscure figure.

  4. The people who have stuck with their instincts over the JFK assassination, and have not bought the official version of it, deserve a lot of praise and credit. It is very difficult to go against the side of the establishment and the media. I only discovered this site a few weeks ago (really it was the coverage of the 50th anniversary of the assassination that stirred my interest again). This site is very good. Jeff Morley has clearly done a lot for the story already, with his articles, and his book on the Mexico City incident. Who would you rather admire: the likes of Nixon, Helms, and co, or people who have fought for decades, often in the face of abuse and worse, to attempt to bring the full truth of what happened before, during, and after the 22th November 1963 out into the open.

    1. Agree that this is a great site and that Jeff has done marvelous work prying secrets loose from the empire, in the spirit of Harold Weisberg.

      Skeptics do not necessarily deserve plaudits. Discoverers like Jeff do.

      I’m disappointed from time to time that W.C. believers come here and try to spread doubt; try to dismiss dissent and sell the official version. I wouldn’t be disappointed, except they seem to succeed at draining the energy of discussion here and thwarting the progress toward understanding what happened on 11-22-63 and why.

    2. Well said GM. One of the things that I think is really important about this site is legitimate witnesses getting a fair shake. I don’t need some arm chair know it all telling me Jean Hill has no credibility, or Paul O’Connor,or Charles Crenshaw, for example.If one tends to believe or disbelieve that is one’s perogative, but who among us can imagine what these people went through?

  5. I listened to this program last weekend. Really interesting.

    A question I have regarding Joannides: Was he just a good and loyal spy as spies go? Or was he something much more sinister? I’m trying to get a sense of whether he should have had (or in fact had) remorse for his actions. Or whether he was a remorseless psychopath.

    1. Well, he accepted a post as liaison to a Congressional committee engaged in investigating JFK’s assassination and lied (by omission) about his role in running an organization that within hours of Kennedy’s death was trying to pin the blame on Castro and his Soviet allies. Then a decade and a half later (more or less) he accepts one of the CIA’s highest awards for lifetime service. So presumably he was very proud of what he’d done, and worked very hard to make sure no one outside of Langley knew what that was, because in truth it was extraordinarily shameful. Very, very cold blood ran in those veins.

      1. Sorry, got a bit mixed up there, that should be “a couple of years” instead of “a decade and a half later (more or less)”. Never post before adequately proofing.

  6. This is a fascinating piece which highlights the excellent work Mr Morley has done, and continues to do, in relation to the records still being illegally withheld by the CIA and the mysterious figure of George Joannides.
    Mr Morley states:
    “This whole area of CIA assets being in touch with the accused assassin before Nov 22 1963. CIA assets using their knowledge of Oswald to create the impression that Oswald acted at Castro’s behest. This really calls into question whether the WC and even the HSCA ever even had the basic records related to the assassination needed to pass judgement, and the fact is they did not.”
    This sums it up for me. The Joannides revelations show that we have not had a proper investigation into the assassination.
    Thanks for your efforts Jeff.

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