One-man vigil calls for full JFK disclosure

On November 22, Karl Golovin held a one-man vigil at the JFK Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC. Watch.

Golovin called for full disclosure of JFK assassination records. He cited Kennedy’s warning about “the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment.”




3 thoughts on “One-man vigil calls for full JFK disclosure”

  1. Hi Leslie and thank you for your kind remarks. The “vigil” continues intermittently, perhaps an hour each day in front of the White House, also at the Kennedy Center. Linked for the moment via, I’ve created a Facebook event page calling for a Constitutional assembly seeking immediate release of the documents, July 4, 2014 at 12:30 p.m. on the public terraces of the Kennedy Center. As several hundred thousand will be in town for the fireworks, if word can spread between now and then, wouldn’t it be amazing if a few thousand (or tens of thousands, or more?) would join together that day in a location and peaceful yet deliberate manner that could not be ignored. I have met many interested people, even from as far away as Indonesia, in front of the White House. And at the Kennedy Center, even many staff members have expressed interest and enthusiasm for the pursuit of JFK records release. I hope to soon update information at, which currently points to a document/ presentation on analyzing why such a Constitutional Assembly of passionate citizens is perhaps essential to prompting release of those most secret documents withheld by CIA. This Sunday evening, 6/8/13, is “Kennedy Center Honors” night. In a continuing exercise of 1st Amendment privileges,I intend to be holding aloft the sign calling for records release outside the Kennedy Center entrance that evening, also on Saturday evening outside the State Department, where there’s a dinner that evening related to the Kennedy Center Honors event. Perhaps see you in front of the Kennedy Center, State Department or White House in the days ahead – or for sure on public terraces at the Kennedy Center on 7/4/14! I do especially appreciate your suggestion that next year and for as long as necessary thereafter, JFK related conferences must be in the immediate Washington area, where the resistance to transparency is rooted. I hope things will actually go a step beyond that, and perhaps even next year, extreme civic obedience calling for records release may have prompted success, and the “Kennedy Center Honors” in 2014 will honor – those who have most diligently fought the battle for truth about JFK’s assassination, starting with Mark Lane (and those too many to name). Wouldn’t that be a remarkable evening, actually honoring JFK.

  2. Mr. Golovin, I salute you.

    I also advocate that all future conferences relating to the JFK Assassination be held in Washington D.C. in close proximity to the efforts that you have now initiated. On the heels of the 50th commemoration in Dealey Plaza, surely we understand the symbolic importance of moving the debate from Dallas.

    I also recommend that all who insist that certain intelligence files relating to the assassination be released study the following in order to fully grasp what is at issue:

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