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  1. Oliver Stone’s “JFK” slammed on CSPAN by William Nolte, former CIA Deputy Asst. Director and NSA official; countered (by yours truly) with questions about CIA’s George Joannides/HSCA scandal, 1100+ CIA/JFK assassination-related files still secret.


    “JFK” reference 7:28 into video; question and response run from about 44:00 – 46:15

    Well this was a unique opportunity. At the referenced points in the video, Mr. Nolte slams Oliver Stone’s “JFK” film and I asked this former CIA/NSA official about the 1100+ files still withheld, in full, by CIA yet related to JFK’s assassination, specifically as related to the Joannides/HSCA scandal, also referencing the files of E. Howard Hunt, David Atlee Phillips.

    Further details and disclaimers on my Facebook timeline, Facebook Event lined via http://www.JFKvigil.net

  2. Here’s text of Facebook message just sent to Mr. Henshaw, D.C. Film Institute about his event:

    Mr. Henshaw, HI! I just found out about your 2/15/14 event with Oliver Stone from a post by Jeff Morley at his website, JFKfacts.org. I’m disappointed it’s already sold out! Any chance of an extra ticket?:)

    I am hoping to launch into the mainstream media the idea of “Simultaneous Events, Around the Globe 5/29/14 (JFK’s Birthday), Calling for CIA/JFK Files Release” (and more), MAIN GEOGRAPHIC FOCAL POINT: Public Terraces at D.C.’S Kennedy Center that date. I will hope there’s some possibility you, Mr. Stone or Jeff Morley can raise the issue, prompt discussion, even reference to below video and Facebook Event links. My understanding is that for a looooong time the Kennedy family has wanted JFK’s birth date, rather than murder date, to be a focal point and arguably it should and can be if massive public sentiment is expressed 5/29/14:

    Please see: http://www.MadAsHell.net, Facebook Event: http://www.JFKvigil.net:

    http://www.HonorJFK.com: At 12:30 pm EST on 5/29/14, JFK’s birthday, peacefully and simultaneously gather in communities across the U.S. and world, but especially meet at The Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C., petitioning by your presence for: 1) Immediate release, in full, of all still secret assassination-related records; 2) Reining in of CIA to its original, intelligence-only mandate; 3) Establishing 5/29 as a global date of recognition for John F. Kennedy’s life through vigilance in ending government secrecy and the violence it allows, shining the light of transparency in government, everywhere;

    7/4/14 is reserved as a likely date for affirming followup events, particularly on the public terraces at the Kennedy Center, as is the window of time from 11/22/14 through the Kennedy Center Honors (exact date pending) Nov/Dec 2014.

  3. Oliver Stone describes how Americans’s were brainwashed during his Passing the Torch talk.
    At the 23 minute mark, Stone describes how some Generals wished for a preemptive nuclear war with the USSR before the Soviets could build a deterrent. Here it is on C-span:

    Mark Lane also talks:

    “The folly of Malcolm Gladwell is a symptom of journalistic failure.”

    The “folly” of Gladwell could only described as a symptom of journalistic failure if you consider him a journalist. Don’t be distracted by the fact that he has worked for a few rags. He is a pundit.
    Malcolm Gladwell is just as much a journalist as Andy Rooney or Bill O’Reilly , but no more…

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