Peter Coyote narrates new JFK documentary

Slick production values and knowledgeable commentary from Dick Russell, Doug Horne, Vince Palamara, and Sherry Feister, as narrated by the actor/author Peter Coyote, whose accomplishments amaze.

I won’t pass judgment till I see the whole thing. To which I am looking forward.

A Coup In Camelot Trailer from The Legacy Mill, LLC on Vimeo.

via A Coup in Camelot: A Film Screening on Oct 26 

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  1. I believe it is possible to re-make, or fake imagery on Kodachrome II. I am not an expert nor particularly knowledgeable in this field. But I watched the interview with Dino Brugioni, who was the number 2 imagery and film analyst at NPIC, the National Photographic Interpretation Center, who implied that it could be done. He referenced the work done at Eastman Kodak, Rochester Office. I suggest one watch that interview before drawing any final conclusions.

    Some things that are certain; the large “flap/s” visible in the Z film do not exist in the autopsy photographs nor in any reports by Parkland. The one reference from Bethesda regarding the “flap/s” is a drawing, which has the flaps going front to back, where the Z film has them going top to bottom. So it would strongly indicate that the film is altered, and that these “flaps” do not exist anywhere. They are manufactured to make it appear that the shots came from the back. And they ignore the blasted out section of the head in the occipit that is conveniently BLACKED OUT in the Z film that we can see. This would be Prima facie evidence that the film is, indeed altered.

  2. Just got an email stating that the movie will be available to stream and for purchase on Blu Ray in November. More details will be emailed to me in two weeks.

    I suspect it will stream on Netflix.

  3. As per the Zapruder Film;
    Cui Bono? Who most benefits from erasing the best visual evidence of the assassination? It is obvious, the perpetrators would benefit most.

  4. I watched the trailer just now. Yes looks like high production values. I think Sherry Fiester’s contribution is critically important.
    I do have a dissenting view of Doug Horne’s input however, and if one compares the ballistic analysis of Fiester with the tale Horne tells there is conflict between their views. The autopsy X-rays and photos in fact are what Fiester’s analysis of the single high powered bullet would produce.

    The main thing however is Horne’s position that the Zapruder film is faked. It is simply impossible to fake a Kodachrome II daylight film using any projection system. The chemical dye structures only react properly in daylight. Any and all projector systems use artificial light as a practical necessity.
    The “in camera original” taken by Zapruder and in the National Archives is on Kodachrome II film, thus it is the authentic uncut version shot on November 22, 1963 during the assassination of JFK.
    See more at:


  5. Ramon F Herrera

    After all the wait, it seems the “Coup in Camelot” film is actually going to be shown!!

    I encourage all readers to call Netflix and ask them:

    “When is ‘A Coup in Camelot’ going to be offered”?

    [You get a 6-digit express code at the bottom of the page and next dial the toll-free number below]


  6. I was fortunate to see an advance screening of this documentary last evening at the Texas Theatre in Dallas. It is well written, as well as skillfully directed, and the featured experts (Doug Horne, Sherry Fiester, Vince Palamara, Dick Russell et al.) were evidence-based and concise with their comments.

    The film has very good production values, including an acclaimed narrator (Peter Coyote), so I am hoping it will obtain a suitable distributor and a broad viewership. It is unrealistic to think it will have the same impact as a Hollywood blockbuster such as Oliver Stone’s “JFK,” but as with that movie it has the potential to open many people’s minds to all the new information we have learned in the succeeding decades after this tragic event.

  7. It looks like it’s fairly well-directed. While I’m grateful some of my fellow CTs are gonna get their chance to counter Bugliosi, Posner et al, it appears that the film is gonna over-sell their research, and provide those with an LN bent with some mighty big targets.

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