Obama will echo Kennedy’s American University nuclear speech from 1963 

“What’s appropriate about that comparison is President Kennedy, more than 50 years ago, entered into a diplomatic agreement with an adversary of the United States that did succeed in advancing the national security interests of the United States,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Tuesday.

Source: Obama will echo Kennedy’s American University nuclear speech from 1963 – The Washington Post

6 thoughts on “Obama will echo Kennedy’s American University nuclear speech from 1963 ”

  1. When you are bombing non-combatants labelled as insurgents just for being in the area of terrorist operarions led by US NGOs like the CIA officers in army garb during Vietnam, you are more than unworthy of a JFK reference – you are a charlatan and a war criminal. Nearly every US president is guilty of war crimes going back to FDR, but when the US does it, it’s okay because we fought one “good” fight against our own imperialists in the 1770’s, but never really brought about a true democracy. The office of the POTUS is one of a hegemonic overlord until the MIC and globalists are subsumed and put in their proper place. Obama knows this better than anyone, yet the blind worship of that office and ths military at sports events is a propagandist coup of intellectual ability to surpass the Bernays school of thought. We have got to do better than this, not just in favor of the US Constitution, but in overthrowing those who corrupt it.

  2. I saw the speech. Obama did a great job, going into detail to logically counter every argument against the deal.

    Conservatives love Kennedy from afar. If he had made his AU speech about Iran today, they would scorch Earth him just like Obama.

  3. There is absolutely nothing appropriate about the comparison of Obama with President Kennedy.
    Obama is a pretender, he has obviously been in the pocket of Wall Street and business as usual with the national security state.
    “Obama” is a mythical legend created by PR that has nothing whatsoever to do with the meat-puppet shown on TV. The whole “Hope and Change” bit was and is a con.

    1. Willy Whitten August 6, 2015 at 5:32 pm

      I agree Willy. To compare Obama to John Kennedy is a bit far out. Kennedy was a man of courage and was cool under pressure, he had great speech writers and competent department heads. He was a skilled politician. Obama is none of these.

      The speech JFK gave at the AU dealt with the future of the world. The speech Obama gave was simply an attempt to cover up a two bit political deal. Not even close to the Kennedy speech.

  4. From what I’ve read Obama didn’t come close to approaching the Kennedy speech. I didn’t think he would.

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