Obama recalls Ted Kennedy’s late nights

“By 36, two of his brothers were stolen from him in the most tragic, public of ways.  By 41, he nearly lost a beloved child to cancer.  And that made suffering something he knew.  And it made him more alive to the suffering of others. “

“While his son was sleeping after treatment, Ted would wander the halls of the hospital and meet other parents keeping vigil over their own children.  They were parents terrified of what would happen when they couldn’t afford the next treatment; parents working out what they could sell or borrow or mortgage just to make it just a few more months — and then, if they had to, bargain with God for the rest.

“There, in the quiet night, working people of modest means and one of the most powerful men in the world shared the same intimate, immediate sense of helplessness.”

via Remarks by the President at Dedication of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute | The White House.

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  1. I’m surprised that the Warren Commission(particularly Slawson) would be angry at RFK for not testifying that he knew of no conspiracy to kill JFK. Let’s say he DID admit he knew of a conspiracy-the very thing the WC was formed to argue against. How would you handle that, Specter and Belin?

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  2. Nations have suffered mad Kings and Queens, Bloodlusters, and incredibly wicked despots, or power hungry dictators who ruled with brutal disregard for the masses. Our government supported much of the post WWII mayham in the world; the CIA and military forces fomented wars and toppled dictators the CIA puppeteered in and out of office. What Ted Kennedy did in his personal life is not valid when compared to the difference he made in his work as a public servant to the people of this country. Say what you want about the Kennedy’s as a family, but John, Robert, and Ted will be remembered as change-agents that made a profound difference in this nation and indeed, the world.

  3. Funny his comments didn’t include his nocturnal visits to the “1789” with “friends” while his wife was dealing with alcoholism brought on by his treatment of her. Of course none of us can know of the demons that he had to deal with, but from his cheating expulsion from Harvard to his disgraceful behavior following his accident in 1969 he escaped the normal laws of political gravity, principally secondarily to the fact that he was a Kennedy.
    Now for some inside information.The tumor that was responsible for his son’s leg amputation was actually benign.

    1. Say what you will about the Kennedys, Photon. I don’t recall them being accused of murder or conspiracy to commit murder, unlike LBJ and Nixon.

  4. I do respect Ted Kennedy and for sure the family have had a ridiculous amount of tragedy and suffering….even before Jack and Bobby. Ted had to pick the family up on his own I guess and live with all that grief and loss. What I can’t accept is the Kennedy stance thereafter and still to this day. Did they do a deal with the devil? It’s a debate I’m interested in this site having.

      1. Well Ronnie, like I say I’d love a debate on here surrounding that very question. Now I’ll be the first to say I don’t have all the information and facts, I accept that and I don’t wish to be disrespectful of the Kennedy clan so please don’t misunderstand my comments or my intention., I just want to understand. Other than reports regarding RFK’s comments to then head of the CIA has a member of the Kennedy family come out and spoken of their concern for the botched WCR? Has anyone from their family stood up and asked who really killed the brothers? I’m of the opinion that we are well beyond the debate of did LHO act alone- we know he didn’t. I can’t find anything suggesting they have made a fight to seek the truth. Have they fought for the release of information to help solve the case and inform the public? It’s my understanding that they have records themselves locked away. They were their family I get that but JFK was your president and world leader so I believe we all have a right to the truth.

        Any info from you guys would be useful.

        1. In the book, “A Cruel And Shocking Act” on page 524 found only more evidence that RFK wanted the matter closed. Concerning making the WC records public in response to the flood of conspiracy theories about the assassination, RFK responded to reporters in California…..”Reporters said that Kennedy tried at first to ignore the question but, after a moment’s hesitation, reconsidered, “If I become president, I would not reopen the Warren report.” Kennedy declared, ” I have seen everything that’s in there. I stand by the Warren Commission.”

          1. Forgot to add that three months after saying the above, he was assassinated. Perhaps we know much more today than he ever knew. He had suspicions but never really acknowledged them publicly. Publicly he often supported the WC as in his speech in Krakow, Poland on June 29th, 1964. This can also be found in, “A Cruel And Shocking Act”, on pages 430-431. Perhaps if he knew what we know today, he never would have closed the books. Or perhaps the Kennedy family had their own agenda and wanted some things kept quiet, like the investigation in Mexico City.
            David Slawson said the following about RFK…….”He (Slawson) is most angry with one man in particular former Attorney General Robert Kennedy, who assured the commission during the investigation that he knew of no evidence of a conspiracy in his brother’s death. As this book documents, Robert Kennedy withheld vital information from the investigation.” “What Kennedy described as “alleged incompetence of the commission” in it’s failure to get to the full truth about the assassination “was in fact clearly his fault.”

    1. James
      April 1, 2015 at 4:37 pm

      I think they did do a deal with the devil, the devil being old man Joe Kennedy. I believe that much of what made the boys into flawed men is due to the influence of their father.

      1. Cheers Bill. When I meant a deal with the devil though I’m suggesting after the murders. Why no family campaigning for the truth. As for Joe Kennedy and the boys flaws…I don’t think they had any spectacular flaws unknown to common man. IMO JFK and RFK were much more good than bad.

  5. Ramon F Herrera

    I would like to renew these congratulations to JFK Facts:


    and amplify further. The mentioned simplistic 4-region model:

    – Liberals CT
    – Liberals LN
    – Conservatives CT
    – Conservatives LN

    Is very similar to the situation of the Immigration Debate about 10 years ago.

    (a) Very few people actually bothered with the topic, some claimed that the government and MSM were hiding it.

    While the above point can be qualified of speculation by skeptics, the following is an uncontested fact:

    (b) During the 2008 presidential debates, there was a gentlemen’s agreement (cosigned by a certain lady who is running in 2016). Since Immigration was such a HOT potato (regardless of what you say, you are burned) the decision was made to avoid the topic.

    Don’t believe me? Just check the transcripts: The word “Immigration” was mentioned only TWICE in the debates. Meanwhile, in the Spanish language media it was the opposite! Both Obama and McCain were sharp elbowing each other in Univision, Telemundo, etc. I must concede that I never saw either of them wearing Mariachi sombreros, but you get the point.

    Back to JFK. What does all that have to do with Ted Kennedy, Obama and us?

    Just like the Immigration distribution, morphed from 4 to 3, as it is today:

    – All Democrats and Liberals are Pro Immigration Reform

    – Economic Conservatives (business types) support it as well.

    – Social Liberals are against it.

    It is my contention (you read it here first) that as time passes and we approach the date of Thursday, November 26, 2017. There will be a polarizing re-aligment:

    – Liberals will be CT

    – Conservatives will be LN

    Just like Arizona SB-1070 became the trigger, we are witnessing a historic realignment, being prompted by the O’Really-Fonzi tapes (plus the other “minor”, wartime, war scenario lies by the “Trust Me” network and main spokesperson).

  6. Ted Kennedy “carried on”, with resolve, in spite of great personal tragedy. He used his power for us all. Without him we would not have the recent (relatively) improvements in our health care, compared to many of the countries of the “improved” world.

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