NSA snooping scandal reveals Constitutional amnesia

“Then, in the 1960s, both agencies [FBI and CIA] turned their considerable power and attention to the domestic threat to official Washington posed by opponents of the Vietnam War. Some of what they looked at it was genuine criminal activity — people planting bombs or kidnapping newspaper heiresses — but most of it had nothing to do with criminal activity or with any foreign directed subversion. It simply consisted of determined dissent from what the Johnson and Nixon administrations were doing.”

via NSA snooping scandal John Judis, New Republic.

2 thoughts on “NSA snooping scandal reveals Constitutional amnesia”

  1. In the 1960s, the FBI infiltrated anti-war groups effectively. So did Army counter-intelligence. The army C.I. guys were mostly having as good a time as the protestors. It was a good gig if you were an Army LT, M.I. Branch.

    I’m not aware the CIA infiltrated the anti-war Left. I imagine it happened, but occurred for recruitment purposes, at places like Columbia and Harvard.

  2. Up until this NSA disclosure the CIA & FBI was depicted as the forces behind Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Inc. Does this mean they have been taking marching orders from the NSA? What can the NSA do with the info & data it collects on people that Sheriff John Stone in Lawton, Oklahoma couldn’t also do. Edit people’s private phone conversations & make them say things they never said? The local TV news is capable of that now.

    Sometimes I wonder what the US would be like if there was nobody here but the NSA, CIA & FBI. Everyone not a member had been killed or imprisoned by one or all of them. What would they do then?

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