November 21, 1963

The U.K.’s Daily Mail is touting “newly uncovered video” of President Kennedy on the last night of his life, but this footage actually surfaced two years ago.

JFK was speaking to the United Latin American Citizens, a Hispanic civil rights group, at an event in Houston, Texas.

7 thoughts on “November 21, 1963”

  1. All roads lead to LBJ, GWHB and Suite 8F Group, with CIA and Mob Assistance. Q: So, who killed JFK? A: Everybody!

  2. Dinosaurs like myself that were in middle school should remember pot flooding into schools after JFK’s death. By 1965 even the teachers were openly talking about it in class. By 1966-1967 the Beatles disclosed themselves as English users of pot & LSD.

    Usually the big change that the US or global public experienced centers around the Viet Nam conflict. Overlooked is the flood of drugs from Latin American countries. LBJ’s role (if any) in any of this has not been established (to my knowledge). His administration should have known about with Hoover wiretapping a good percentage of US citizens, many prominent celebs.

    Were the Latin-American drug lords merely capitalizing on a heartbroken, disoriented US or were darker forces at work that removed JFK (a drug user himself).

  3. I ran agents in Viet Nam.

    Details omitted, the agents I ran didn’t know me. They were ground level and mostly useful.

    Oswald was a ground-level agent; a mushroom.

    I want to see his P.A. — his principal agent. Then his case officer.

  4. The night of November 21, 1963 was eventful, if one believes Madeleine Brown, who reported a nefarious party at Clint Murchison’s that LBJ attended.

    I’m in the camp that believes LBJ had foreknowledge of the assassination. I don’t believe, however, Brown’s story has been verified or corroborated.

    One thing that has interested me is that we have quite a bit of detail of JFK’s final hours. The film clip here. The detail of JFK’s actions on the morning of November 22. Yet we have a blur as to his wounds. Not just a blur, a lot of misrepresentation, lying, and cover-up aimed at creating the blur.

    1. Brian LeCloux

      Well, have you read the critique of Brown’s story by Harold Weisberg? Before he died he wrote over 20 unpublished book length studies on various theorists in the conspiracy camp (Groden, Lane, Twyman, Fetzer, Lifton, Blakey, etc.) and those in lone gunman theory camp (Specter, Epstein, Belin, Kermit Hall, etc.). One of those critiques is on Brown’s theory. Very interesting analysis.
      You can find it at the Weisberg Digital Archive.

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