14 thoughts on “Nov. 24, 1963: Jack Ruby kills Oswald. Why?”

  1. The official explanation for Ruby’s shooting of Oswald has always struck me as the single most unbelievable aspect of the entire official story. I wonder if there’s a single other example in history of a man who walks into a police station, sees a heavily guarded prisoner being escorted by police in handcuffs, and suddenly decides to take the law into his own hands.

    If Ruby had simply assaulted Oswald, or if he had just started shooting blindly in Oswald’s direction, I might be able to buy the idea that he acted out of impulse. But that’s not what he did. Think about it: If Ruby had not moved with the dispatch of a professional who had planned out the killing in advance, he almost certainly wouldn’t have succeeded. If we believe the Warren Commission, we’re asked to believe not only in a second lone gunman who acted for no coherent reason, but in a man who makes the decision to shoot someone in a matter of seconds and has the state of mind to move toward Oswald at just the right second, pull out the gun at just the right second, and shoot at just the right second. We’re also asked to believe that the aforementioned man was a completely unreliable nut who could not possibly be depended upon to do anything right.


      If someone had a mafia contract to make the biggest hit in american history, is it not logical that he would make preparations to do so? Might he not be at the police station when Oswald was going to be transfered? When Oswald was scheduled to be transfered Ruby was down the street at the Western Union office transfering money to a stripper to pay her rent. The only reason he was there was that Oswald went back to his cell to get a sweater, which delayed his appearance.Thee Western Union receipt has the exact time Ruby was there. It was hardly enough time for a proffesional hit man to carry out such a job.

  2. Ruby aka Jack Rubenstein was an informant to Nixon in the 50’s on Mob activities. Ruby worked directly for Capone as a driver. He was known as an active member of the Bronfman Family (Capone’s Bootleggers). He got the contract from Santos Trafficante. Santos was an underboss to Joe Bonnano (Leader of the Southern Mafia – See Hoffa Wars -Modela). Bonnano’s other underbosses were Sam Giacana, Carlos Marcellus. Joe Kennedy Sr. Made a deal with Bonnano to gain his support for JFK to be president. Bonnano had to play a major role in the JFK murder. See http://www.noplaceforcorruption.com Docs Section PDF. Ruby’s Nephew Alan Rubenstein is a judge for http://www.bucksgop.org. They are behind the Warren Commission to setup the JFK Single Bullet Theory via (Specter, Sprague, Walter Annenberg, Sen Schweiker and Herb Barness prior http://www.bucksgop.org leader).

  3. Hey, here’s a song didn’t make it into the “best JFK songs” post awhile back. This seems like a good day to play “Jack Ruby” by Camper Van Beethoven:


    “So draw the box along quickly
    Avert your eyes with shame
    Let us stand and speak of the weather
    And pretend nothing ever happened on that day…”

  4. I wonder how well documented is the following version:

    A policeman asked Ruby: “Why didn’t you kill him earlier?, on Friday you had the opportunity.”

    Ruby: “I was afraid I would shoot one of you guys”.

  5. The Ruby element provides one of the biggest holes in the LN argument.

    “I did it to save Mrs. Kennedy from going to a trail”

    Everybody in America wanted to know (some of us still do!) more about Oswald. For instance, how about a MOTIVE? Wasn’t Mr. Ruby the last curious?

    He later said: “Actually, my lawyer told me to say that”.

    “I did it in order to prove that the Jews are not cowards”

    Come on! Give me a break! What kind of absurd argument is that!

    Both Lee and Ruby publicly CONFESSED about being part of a conspiracy. It is on video.

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