November 22, 1963: the Air Force One flight back from Dallas

This Washingtonian magazine uses the new Air Force One tapes and other research to tell the dramatic story of the first few hours of Lyndon Johnson’s presidency.

Air Force One
Air Force One on the evening of November 22, 1963. (Mary Ferrell Foundation)

The article is called “Angel is Airborne: Part 1,” by Garrett Graff.

“A review of dozens of memoirs and oral histories plus more than 500 pages of documents—from the White House pool report filed by the two journalists aboard to confidential Secret Service files documenting the activities of each of its agents—as well as a recently discovered two-hour-and-22-minute audio recording of Air Force One’s radio traffic with Andrews on the day of the assassination, reveals that even amid one of the most dramatic presidential transitions in history there arose very human moments of envy, anger, bewilderment, and courage, as those aboard endured what would be for all of them the most difficult hours of their lives.”

The drama of the story highlights the importance of finding the complete Air Force One tapes, a cause that has been championed by JFK researcher Bill Kelly with the help of audio engineer Ed Primeau.

For more information, read, listen and learn

“Enhanced Air Force One tape captures top general’s response to JFK’s murder “ (JFK Facts, Oct. 19, 2013)

“What’s the most important piece of JFK assassination evidence to surface in the past five years?” (JFK Facts, Oct. 27, 2013)

Listen to the enhanced Air Force One tape from November 22, 1963, in four parts, as prepared by Primeau Forensics.


4 thoughts on “November 22, 1963: the Air Force One flight back from Dallas”

  1. If people would actually read the article the person most concerned with “yanking” JFK’s body from Dallas was Kenneth O’Donnell, his closest advisor and personal friend. The myth that the body was spirited out because of nefarious forces needs to be confronted for what it is -pure horse manure. The article also states that the Dallas Medical Examiner RELEASED the body to travel back to D.C., a fact that O’Donnell was not aware of.
    So it was legal after all.

  2. Wow, what a fascinating article. I wish someone would make a documentary or a movie of that day events, especially of what happened on Air Force One, that in it’s self would be some intense and dramatic acting, much like Argo

  3. Yanking President Kennedy’s body, the car he was murdered in & the alleged murder weapons away from Texas authorities to under J. Edgar Hoover’s umbrella will forever leave the fishy taste that LBJ and/or those controlling him & the post-assassination situation from the shadows ‘pulled a fast one’ on the USA & the world. The Texas laws concerning murder victims could easily have been honored at any number of Texas military installations.

    Had there been a real world threat of a communist nuclear attack on the USA, moving the new President back to Washington was the worst possible action to take. Lee Oswald wasn’t calling the shots on LBJ’s post-assassination actions; LBJ was.

    Who ordered the stand down of implementing ‘Operation Furtherance’ after JFK fell into his wife’s lap, dead? Is the answer on the excised portions of the Air Force One tapes?

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