Nikita Khrushchev: ‘What really happened?’

Soviet premier Nikita Khruschev with JFK.

“What really happened?”

– Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, expressing incredulity at the official account of JFK’s murder to journalist Drew Pearson during a meeting in May 1964. According to Pearson, Khrushchev was “utterly incredulous,” expressed “flat disbelief” and “did not believe that the American security services were this inept.”

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3 thoughts on “Nikita Khrushchev: ‘What really happened?’”

  1. from: david t. krall

    Soviet Chairman & president NK was right, and yet so close…
    I suspect that his own “hawks”, rivals and domestic enemies in the
    USSR kept him in the dark especially before-hand & perhaps thereafter regaring the JFK shooting. Keep in mind that what happened to NK is somewhat of mirror or inverse refelction of what happened to JFK in the US. He, NK, was the victim and on the receiving end of his own palace coup by a combinantion of elements that was somewhat a “mirror” or “reflection” of the same type of domestic hydra that removed JFK in the USA. Ironically this removal
    of NK was announced by the usurpers and successive new leaders of the USSR only a few weeks after the release of the WC. I can safely
    and correctly assume that there was no one who doubted the scope
    and breadth of the forces combined to successfully and deftly remove NK and adroitly negated his supporters before and after his removal. Everyone correctly read it for what it was: a falling out between powerful segments and a struggle within the epicenter of the Soviet Government which resulted in the enemies of NK outmanuevering him and his supporters….I’m assuming that no revision of history or lack of common-sense at this date would or could conclude anything differnt: no random removal, no explanantion that NK fell off a tractor while inspecting a harvest in Ukraine or (Sov.) Georgia, no lone nut or confused citizen with possible ties to “closet” or “sleeper” anti-Soviet cells in Harbin or Minsk. I expect that those who have some phobia or deep-ladden fear about accepting a true historical version of the JFK assassination, are actually masking their lack of knowledge about a truly important event in US history. Broken down to its’ simplist
    facts, this is a homicide/murder case. The victim just happend to be the President of the US. OUR, Yes! OUR president. Just as the people of Rome looked upon Julius Caesar as THEIR caesar…
    I’m not so sure that a “single-daggar theory” would have been
    accepted or believed by the citizens of Rome, if the plotters
    needed some front men, lackeys or dupes to “make all the facts
    public,…in such a way,… as to satisfy the Roman People and all
    within the Roman Empire”…If the plotters had succeeeded against
    Marc Anthony and later Anthony and Octavuis, it would have been interesting to seriously wonder how “the victors who write the history” would have portrayed Julius Caesar and his assassination.

    from: david t. krall

  2. What really happened is JFK was foolish and reckless enough to drive around in a open car, Oswald had the opportunity to become part of history and took it. That’s the simple version from a person who didn’t drink Oliver Stone’s Kool-Aid.

    Oswald saw himself as a historical figure, I guess he was right.

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