New records surface on General Lansdale and Cuba

The National Declassification Center announced yesterday the release of long-classified records on General Edward Lansdale and Cuba that may help complete the historical record of the end of the Kennedy administration.

The records include:

Alleged Lansdale
Can you identify this man?

* The strategic planning files of the Deputy of Special Operations, Edward G. Landsdale,

In late 1961, President Kennedy put Lansdale in charge of Operation Mongoose, his administration’s secret effort to overthrow Fidel Castro’s government in Cuba. Mongoose was a failure, and Lansdale was relieved of his duties in late 1962.

The late Col. Fletcher Prouty, briefing officer for the Secretary of Defense in 1960-61, claimed that Lansdale was in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. The man Prouty claims was Lansdale can only be seen from behind. A colleague of Lansdale’s, Gen. Victor Krulak, said the man’s hand, gait, and ring resemble those of Lansdale. I am not aware of any evidence that corroborates Prouty and Krulak’s claim.

Conspiracy theories aside, Lansdale played a leading role in JFK’s Cuba policy for a year. HIs plans may shed light on the struggle for power over Cuba policy that continued until the day JFK died.

* Department of State, Records Relating to Cuba.

The NDC does not identify is these records are related to Cuba in the 1950 and 1960s, but if they are, they may be relevant to the JFK story.

The records can be viewed at the Archives 2 facility in College Park, Maryland.

Requests to access the newly released records or to order copies should be directed to Archives 2 Reference at 301-837-3510 or


4 thoughts on “New records surface on General Lansdale and Cuba”

  1. I think this connection to Langsdale is one of the first cast iron links to the assassination, we have credible evidence from men that knew him well and recognized him immediately, Why else would be there? The man had the ways, means, power and experience to pull this off, in fact things like this would commonplace, he was the ideal man to co-ordinate something like this.
    I would like to see any documentation on where he said he was that day.

  2. I would like to see the footage and photo’s at and around Dealey plaza made by the mass media, that is still unavailable on Google.

  3. Of course it is him. That whole exchange between him and the prisoners is very suspicious. Its a photo i’m sure the murders were not expecting to be made public, like the Zapruder film. I’m curious to review photos of Dealy Plaza; before , during , and after the assassination; that were never shown to the public. I suggest researchers comb nursing homes in Texas of folks who were downtown Dallas, and of course DP, that never turned over photos that day. Something or someone might show up in these photos.

  4. Lansdale was a notorious covert CIA operator for decades. If that is in fact him at Dealey Plaza (really TSBD) in the early hours after the JFK assassination, then he was probably running the JFK assassination.

    The photo is of a man 5 feet west of the TEBD. Lansdale made his claim to fame by torturing his way to discovering immense Japanese WWII treasure in the Philippines in 1945.

    Texan Robert Anderson, who laundered this gold and treasure, was a close personal friend of LBJ. Same LBJ who stole 2 million troy ounces of gold from Victorio Peak in 1969.

    LBJ also made a personal call to this same Robert Anderson on 11-23-63 and asked him to fly immediately to Wash DC to meet with Walter Jenkins, LBJ’s top aide. Why was LBJ spending time on this in the immediate wake of the JFK assassination?

    Several fabulous books. The Gold House trilogy by John Clarence on the LBJ/Nixon/military thefts of gold from Victorio Peak –


    2) Gold Warriors by Sterling Seagrave –

    Gen. Edward Lansdale – good friends with Robert Anderson and Nelson Rockefeller. Those 2 men also very close to Lyndon Johnson.

    Birds of a Feather Flock Together.

    Why is Lansdale at Dealey Plaza? Why does LBJ call Robert Anderson, the gold launderer, on 11-23-63? Why does LBJ secretly support Republican Nelson Rockefeller for president in April 1968 and not Hubert Humphrey?

    Would Lyndon Johnson ever do anything corrupt?

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