New JFK video game teaches 50 facts about the assassination

Its called Hidden Files: Echoes of JFK, and Capsule Computer describes how it works.

Echoes of JFK video game

“The game itself is an interactive investigation where players must solve puzzles and complete mini games to advance the story and solve the case. Players will have to use their investigative powers and various skills to hack computers, examine print and even be involved in gunplay when the time comes.”

What better Christmas present for a young person who might be interested learning more about the JFK story?

“For historical buffs, they will have fun tracking down fifty pieces of historical information on the real JFK case as they progress through the game. Classic adventure game tropes such as using your inventory to interact with certain objects in the scene are also included.”

Hidden Files – Echoes of JFK is available now on iOS from the App Store, Android from Google Play and PC here, and is coming soon to Mac. The game is also vailable in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.


4 thoughts on “New JFK video game teaches 50 facts about the assassination”

  1. ” Hey, how can we make money off the tragic shooting of a President”
    Why didn’t you address this to Mark Lane, Jim Marrs, Josiah Thompson, Jim DiEugenio, Robert Groden, and dozens of other conspiracy authors proposing the most bizarre and unprovable theories simply to make a buck off of the bones of JFK.

  2. a video game on the assassination?????? Talk about “Hey, how can we make money off of the tragic shooting of a President?”. Video games are fun, and I don’t see what was “fun” about what happened in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963, at half-past noon.

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