New comment policy: sharper discussion, more contributors

As I noted on April 14, I have been dissatisfied with the comment sections of JFK Facts. After considering reader reaction, reflecting and consulting, I am implementing a new comments policy as of Wednesday, May 8. The goal is to have a better conversation on the site, one that more effectively advances the site’s mission of being the premier destination on the Web for quality information and reasoned debate about JFK’s assassination.

The comments section of the site is not contributing enough. To be sure, I regularly come across incisive comments with original insights and useful links. Over time, however, such discoveries have become less frequent. More often, I find myself reading previously expressed opinions, familiar exchanges, unsupported assertions, and tangential observations.

Individually, there is nothing objectionable about such comments but, in aggregate, they may deter, discourage or bore new and regular readers who come to the site for credible facts and intelligent discussion of the JFK assassination story. One goal of the new policy is to have fewer comments of a higher quality.

To ensure the debate on the site remains vigorous, I also want more articles from outside contributors. Readers who feel they have original and important comments are invited to submit their views in the form a post. Another goal is to elevate the best of the debates in the comment section to the JFK Facts blog itself.

Email me here for more information about how you can become a JFK Facts contributor.

Under the new comments policy:

  1. I will review all comments before publication
  2. I will approve only those that I think will advance the conversation and enhance the reader experience.
  3. The best comments will be elevated to the site blog.
  4. Preference will be given to comments that include links to, or citations of, credible sources.
  5. Commenters are welcome to submit their thoughts for publication.
  6. Comments must pertain to the subject of the original post.
  7. Comments that are more than 500 words long will not be considered.

The new comment policy will be reviewed for practicality and effectiveness and is subject to further change. Suggestions are welcome.

2 thoughts on “New comment policy: sharper discussion, more contributors”

  1. Jeff,

    I’d like to write several posts: [1] Oswald’s movements on 11-22-63. [2] the alleged murder weapon. [3] the Tippit murder. [4] eyewitness testimony.

    The posts would be fact-based and supported by relevant citations.

    I’d like to be able to include graphics, ideally. For example, when a writer says Party A walked east on Elm Street, what does that mean? In what direction is east wrt the TSBD? Also, for example, what is a “southwest window” of the TSBD?

  2. I am relatively new to this site and find the comments as a whole very interesting and engaging. I think the site is great. Thanks.

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