National Declassification Center: We want your opinion (just not about JFK records)

Our government is still ignoring us, even after it asked for our input.

Last September the National Declassifcation Center offered a new option for prioritizing classified government records that have not been fully processed:: “the opportunity for interested researchers to choose which series of records from a selected list should go the head of our queue.”

Omitted from the selected list was the single most common suggestion sent to the NDC blog: the declassification of JFK assassination records. So when the NDC proudly announces a Prioritization Update via the NDC Blog, it is worth restating the facts:

The NDC solicited public opinion about declassification priorities. Because the public interest conflicted with the CIA’s prerogatives, they ignored it.

I’m tiresome on this point, I know. I’ve made it before: here, herehere. So have others. The head of the Public Interest Declassification Board says the secrecy around JFK records is “ridiculous.” A former CIA official says JFK secrecy does “great harm.”

So instead of repeating myself, I duly note the explanation given by officials of the NDC and the National Archives:  It goes like this: We couldn’t possibly prioritize JFK assassination records because agency officials told us that they lack the “time and resources” to review the material. And: the records are scheduled to be released in October 2017. So be patient.

I want to give credit to the Archives staff for already assembling a team to review the records so they can be released in 2017.

But here’s my request to the National Declassification Center. Please don’t insult us by soliciting the views of the public, knowing ahead of time you are going to ignore us in favor of the CIA.. Every time the NDC talks about public input into the declassification process, it should restate publicly why the public’s priority will not be respected in the case of JFK records. If the NDC thinks this is a defensible policy, they should have no hesitation about repeating it publicly.

Finally, take a look at the material that the NDC has prioritzed. Compare the public interest in that material to “The top 7 JFtK records CIA still keeps secret.”

Nuff said.



28 thoughts on “National Declassification Center: We want your opinion (just not about JFK records)”

  1. S.r. Dusty Rohde

    I can think of no files that have had a greater demand for release and for a longer length of time, then any of the files related to the murder of JFK. There is no excuse good enough, for our government, to further dodge these requests. There is no excuse, for a lack of time allowed, or lack of feasibility to collect or identify said records. Our government has had years, and years of notice and time to accomplish this task which they were lawfully instructed to do. No more “evasion” of fulfilling these duties is acceptable and is likened to one evading to pay their taxes. Avoidance is legal, evasion is not. Hence, the continued tactics of “evading” to release the requested records is rejected, henceforth and eternally.

    1. S.f.Dusty Rohde,

      By chance this morning I was reviewing a number of old conversations on this site, came across your name and wondered if you had disappeared.

      Evasion is at the heart of the ongoing cover up and you bring home that fact very effectively.

      1. Actually, I can barely keep up with my own groups and sites, as well as research. This one is a bit of a pain to link to when so little time is available. I find it far more effective to focus on my sites and work. You’re welcome to join them, or not.

  2. It’s quite obvious really. The NDC answer to more powerful people than a group of researches or community of truth seekers….sadly. Over time the CIA and other monstrosities like it has proven that the sword is mightier than the pen. Through mass manipulation of the media and in some cases I’ve no doubt mutual complicity. I predict that in 2017 those papers declassified will simply ask more questions and answer none. I see no reason for the government of today or next to suddenly decide to start telling the truth and willingly expose the CIA for what it was, is and for what it did on 22/11/63.

      1. You and I both Thomas. I’m 29 so I’m hoping time is on my side to one day have my suspicions or firm beliefs I should say exposed but my biggest fear is that as the years continue to pass less people will care about what happened thereafter. I worry people, not just Americans will think JFK is simply an airport nothing more. What an awful scenario. I am sometimes probably unfair on the Kennedy clan for not pushing or fighting for the truth about their own JFK and RFK, cut down in their prime but then I think to myself,”what would I do if it were my family?”. Why risk losing more? One thing for sure is that I’ll never stop researching JFK and educating those either unaware of JFK or those that accepted LHO did it nonsense. Thank goodness for sites such as this and for those of us who fight the fight, just doing our own little bit to help.

        1. James, those last two sentences are very encouraging to me. Being twice your age I wonder if nothing major comes out of 2017 will it at all in my lifetime. At just a little younger than you I first began to seriously question the official story though I’d been skeptical about the “Lone Nut” / 3 shots story for years. It was a time where you occasionally saw a new book on the shelf or a newspaper or magazine article. No internet or Amazon to read descriptions or reviews or discuss it with others world wide. Hence I jumped on the Mafia did it bandwagon. So much information has been made public in the last 25 years that I’m still in awe of it compared to the little I was exposed to before. Between that and people like you I believe at some point in the future enough of the Truth will come out that History will show we were lied to. Whether that changes how our Government operates is another question.
          BTW those “more powerful people” you mention would include the upper echelon of the CFR IMO.

  3. In light of the attitude of the Government and CIA in particular I still wonder if say a Jeb Bush or someone like him gets elected will they say, oh no, this is still relevant to National Security. We can’t release this.
    Sometimes my pessimism becomes me.

    1. When President George H.W. Bush signed the JFK Records Act in 1992 he issued a signing statement asserting that he retained unilateral executive authority to withhold information under the act in the interests of national security, regardless of what the act said. There is no information on whether unilateral executive authority to withhold has been used in the JFK disclosure process.

    2. Ronnie Wayne,

      In regards to your post of, January 30, 2015 at 8:18 pm; Do you really think it has the slightest thing to do with which political party is in power? The National Security Gag is certainly a non-partisan meme going back to the enactment of the National Security State, by viola: a Democratic administration.

      Not to pick you out in particular to make this point to, but as a general note to all here; to me it seems that most commentators would do well to consider the larger perspective of history, and the agenda for the creation of The New World Order. Yes I am speaking to what some might term The Grand Conspiracy. The one presented as a cartoon by the mainstream. But one that can to shown to be quite factual when the historical record is examined without the blinders of mainstream perception manipulation in place.

      I will point out here that the Right/Left political divide is the product of the Hegelian Dialectic. It is a synthetic paradigm for convenient division into two teams, both ultimately controlled by the same management.

        1. “… which explains the fact that Bobby never ran for president, correct?”~Ramon F Herrera

          Sorry Ramon, to consider Robert Kennedy as simply a Democrat – a ‘party functionary’ is pretty jejune. He was John Kennedy’s brother, part of the “breaking away” from the military-industrial system. And of course he was killed for the same reasons his brother was: to put the Left/Right system back on track.

          We have all noticed the so-called “partisan” divide working here. It is the burlesque. It is theater. The real architecture of political power uses this illusion for divide and conquer.
          We still wobble until this is recognized.

        2. Ramon F Herrera


          “No, which party is in power has little to do with it.”


          Ronnie, let’s assume that you are a top advisor to Hillary Clinton. Yesterday, Jeb Bush said this:

          “With how many countries has the US better relations now, compared with when Obama took office? – I know of only two: Cuba and Iran.”.

          He is clearly attacking Hillary, correct?

          Suppose further that I am your assistant and propose the following public question for Jeb:

          “Governor: When your father signed the JFK Records Act of 92, he certainly included a lot IFs, THENs and BUTs. It was filled with legalese. On the other hand, your opponent has been as clear as she can be:

          “I support full disclosure, period”.

          Which of the two positions is closer to yours?”


          So, Ronnie: Would you pass my proposal along to Hillary? It is a simple “Yes/No” question.

          Keep in mind that you are seconds away from being fired, depending on your response…

    3. Ramon F Herrera

      Hi Ronnie:

      As you can imagine, the topic that you mentioned has been covered elsewhere, but frankly, it deserves more widespread dissemination. The great unknown is whether this will be mentioned in the 2016 presidential campaign at all, and to what extent.

      As a precedent, in 2008, there was a “gentlemen’s agreement” (co-signed by a lady) in which it was decided that immigration was such a double-edge sword, controversial subject, that it should be kept out of the mainstream debate (McCain and Obama, however, covered it widely in the Spanish language media). If you look at the transcripts, the word “immigration” was mentioned only twice in the debates.

      Let’s hope and pray that the facts about the murder of our 35th. president will have the coverage that it deserves by his hopeful successors.

      If you have access to Usenet, go to the newsgroup alt.conspiracy.jfk and search the thread entitled

      “It is October, 2017. The centennial birthday of JFK…”.

      Otherwise, depending on your browser, this link *may* work for you:

      1. I don’t think it will be brought up in the next election but if so it will be buried immediately by the MSM.
        Willy, I’ve wondered for years if the POTUS is not picked so to speak by the Council of Foreign Relations well before any primaries. Potential candidates vetted before receiving any funding from the PAC’s or major players.
        I.E. no matter which party wins they maintain control.

        1. “Willy, I’ve wondered for years if the POTUS is not picked so to speak by the Council of Foreign Relations well before any primaries.”~Ronnie Wayne

          I think that is the way it works. But it is those who are behind the CFR, which is a large organization of functionaries; an outer circle two rings out from the inner circle. But the visible machinations of that outer circle reveals the agenda of the inner circle’s agenda but the results maintained in effects.

  4. I’m curious as to how many of the other proritised subjects for release have had public campaigns to have them released and a full review board appointed?
    Surely the correct response would be for them, in light of the overwhelming interest in the JFK files, would be to add more to the team they have now to release in Oct 2017 and get the files released sooner.
    As for the 2017 release date. I’ll believe it when I see it…

  5. Does anyone on this forum think the ONI records slated for priority will contain any information relating to Oswald’s defection and return?

    1. Thanks Nate. The support of the Unredacted blog of the National Security Archive is much appreciated and will help make the difference some day.

  6. For over 5 decades the public consensus has been a desire for the truth. Why is any more public input required given this obvious mood? What more does the NDC require in terms of public sentiment? The overwhelming consensus is for a full and transparent release of information in order to carry out a proper investigation.
    Governments, Intelligence agencies, military intelligence, and the propagandist lobby have caused great harm to the pursuit of truth and justice; however there are many capable minds outside those sectors ready and able to analyse the evidence with integrity.

  7. Thanks for noting that several times over the past few years, the JFK assassination has been ranked as the number one topic of interest in public input to the NDC. The fact that they have chosen to ignore the input speaks volumes as to the official attitude to the issue and to public input. The process lacks credibility at this point.

  8. Until these records are released in full, we should hold this agency under suspicion. When somebody has nothing to hide, they come clean. It’s a simple concept, the same one we apply to countries trying to hide WMDs.

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