‘Natchez Burning’ author Greg Iles discusses the JFK subplot of his new book.

The best-selling author tells the Christian Science Monitor how he weaves the JFK story into his new novel  ‘The Bone Tree,’ while trying to hew to historical fact.

“In a general way, I would say that the basic thesis of what I’m putting forth is, if Oswald did not act alone, then I would say there’s a 95% chance that a conspiracy of the size and type that I laid out in this book is the most likely thing to have happened. The fact is that none of these grand conspiracy theories are really even possible.

“If you really boil away all the sensationalism and you say what really could have happened and who truly had a motive to kill him, you’re left with a pretty small group of people.”


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  1. There is so much more known now. Where’s the OUTRAGE?

    I and others still wonder what might have been if the events of 22/11/63 had not taken place.

    John F. Kennedy was only President for 1000 days but we all know how wonderful his presidency would have been.

    The Assassins got away with Murder that day in Dallas.

    We have all kept faith to see justice ultimately done. We do have more information now. More than I ever thought we would. And it’s so very, very disturbing.

  2. Mr. Morley,
    if we do, one day, find out the truth about the assassination, what is going to happen?? If the government was behind it, will they be some type of civil outbursts or the over throwing of the government?
    what if we find out Cuba or Russia were involved, would we invade or go to war with either of them? I do believe that Oswald did not act alone or even pulled the trigger for that matter, I am just curious what the citizens of America would say or do if we ever did find out the truth.
    Keep up the great work

  3. Yes. Oswald came in contact with certain of Cuban Exile community in New Orleans in summer of 63.

    “also all the Cubans Nagell saw him (LHO) with”.

    Carlos Bringuier “Mayor of Cuban Exiles” in New Orleans in 63 also. See M.Ferrel site.

    Dont forget Oswald being seen at a twist party at Sylvia Duran ‘s house in Mexico City. See Shenon book. It will someday be hopefully verified if Oswald did in fact go to Mexico.

    Some have said Tippit hung out & sometimes worked part time at a bar in the Cuban community of Dallas.

  4. “If you really boil away all the sensationalism and you say what really could have happened and who truly had a motive to kill him, you’re left with a pretty small group of people.”~Greg Iles

    Actually what your left is with a motive to kill JFK is the National Security Establishment, or as Ike called it, ‘the Military Industrial Complex’. This ‘Establishment’ is manned by those who follow the agenda based on “Might is Right” and the false meme that “Ends justify Means”. It is obvious to a rational mind that ‘means’ define the ends they lead to.
    Kennedy, of sound and rational mind, was removed by those running a psychopathic system based on war and conquest. It was a coup d’etat.

  5. A small compartmentalized plot is far more probable than the huge construct many support. A small plot of key people offers the feasible size and power necessary without the chances of discovery and betrayal a large plot presents. A large plot is possible yet not probable in my view.

    1. Here is the key Carmen: a small plot composed of extremely powerful, well connected individuals who then could manipulate much larger organizations into “not investigating” aka “covering up” the coup d’état.

      The cover up of the JFK assassination was much, much larger than the number of people who planned JFK’s death. Many of the key cover up players were told “The Russians (or Castro) killed JFK and if we don’t cover this up 40 million will die in nuclear war in the first 30 minutes.”

      For example, with Hoover of the FBI in on the cover up, his whole organization was at his disposal and would do his bidding. Anyone G-man who bucked Hoover would immediately get fired or worse.

    2. Roy W Kornbluth

      That would seem to be the logical thinking. But the older I get and the more I see and learn about Das Homeland, I don’t know. Consider a few examples:
      –thousands of lynchings since the Civil War, some of them with over a thousand spectators. Not one prosecution I’ve heard of.
      — over 80 black churches firebombed in the late 50s, early 60s. Ditto, no prosecutions.
      –Gulf of Tonkin
      –USS Maine
      –USS Liberty
      –Reichstag fire
      –WMDs in Iraq

      We supposedly didn’t know about the German death-camps until we saw, heard, touched, smelled and tasted em. It takes all five senses before we can’t deny something uncomfortable.

      Bigshot reporters went on Stalin-guided tours during the worst of the Ukraine Famine. “All’s fine here.” Nasty rumors still getting out. Enterprising photographers redeveloped their pictures that had been so closely cropped. “Hey, it’s spring, and there are no leaves on the trees. What’s going on?” The farmers were eating the leaves and grass like cows.

      1. “Bigshot reporters went on Stalin-guided tours during the worst of the Ukraine Famine. “All’s fine here.” ”

        Boy oh boy that is the truth. Tens of millions being starved to death by Stalin and the New York Times Pulitzer-prize winning reporter Walter Duranty and the NYT colluded with the USSR to cover up the horrifying reality:

        Dave Martin on this: http://www.dcdave.com/article5/080309.htm

        The behavior of LIFE, NYT, Wash Post, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN (years later) TIME, Newsweek, both AP and UPI and FOX (promoting Bill O’Reilly’s book) and the Council on Foreign Relations (as an organization) has been exactly the same on the JFK assassination for 52 years. Which is the continual repetition of the Big Lie, i.e. that a lone nut commie killed JFK.

  6. tell us then, Arnaldo, who Oswald knew, since you apparently have kept track of his friendships; but don’t forget about Harlandale Avenue, Banister’s office, and all the Cubans Nagell saw him with.

    1. Arnaldo M. Fernandez

      That’s right, these are the exiles, but with Cuban intelligence (meaning Castro’s intelligence machine) no one.

  7. Arnaldo M. Fernandez

    Instead of a grand conspiracy theory or any conspiracy theory at all, it seems to be preferable to elaborate a list of indisputable conspiracy facts, id est, those that even Professor MacAdams won’t be able to refute without turning nonsensical, like the bullet holes in JFK jacket and shirt, the CIA silence on Oswald after getting him present in the Cuban Consulate through a tapped phone call, and so on. Once the list is completed, we can proceed to infer to the best explanation by comparison of alternative hypothesis. Both CIA officer David A. Phillips and JFK assassination researcher Bill Simpich, for instance, agreed that only American intelligence officers could plot to murder a sitting U.S. Presidente in broadlight, and such an hypothesis is reinforced with the fact that such a high profile murder case was treated as if a dog has been killed on the street.

    1. Ramon F Herrera


      “Professor MacAdams won’t be able to refute without turning nonsensical, like […]”


      Like Lee being crazy.

      (1) In an interview, Bill O’Reilly concluded that for his book to make sense, people had to understand the level of craziness that afflicted Oswald.

      (2) Professor McAdams told me something similar.

      As a reply to both, I use the following conversation:

      “Marina, some day I will be king or prime minister, but for now, all I want is a clean shirt”.

      Any psychiatrist will tell you that the above is an obvious instance of self-deprecatory sense of humor, evidence of EXCELLENT mental health.

      IOW: The basic problem with locos is that they take themselves too *seriously*.

      We can therefore conclude that the levels of credibility of the mentioned folks:

      • Bill O’Reilly

      • John McAdams

      are comparable.

  8. JFK Research Community is interested in FACTS.

    This is a Big Story with many people involved for many different reasons. Oswald had Intelligence connections & knew many people in the Cuban Exile & Intelligence community. FACT.

    An unusually large number of people were in Trauma Room One in Dallas. FACT.

    Miltary were charge of Official Autopsy. Wounds not dissected. Unusually large number of people observed this autopsy. FACT.

    Scores & scores of witnesses were murdered after. FACT.

    A very large number of people involved as witnesses etc. YES.

    Grandiose Schemes not possible. I dont agree. Crime of the Century & Coverup after the fact. It is a Big Story.

    1. Arnaldo M. Fernandez

      I am sorry, but Oswald did not know any people in the Cuban intelligence community. And regarding the Cuban exiles, not so many.

  9. The “grand conspiracy” to murder JFK did happen. More evidence indicts Lyndon Johnson than any other single person in the JFK assassination. Read Stone, Phil Nelson, Billie Sol Estes, Madeleine Brown, Barr McClellan, Craig Zirbel and Saint John Hunt is you want to know.

    US military and CIA were involved in the JFK assassination and Oswald was US intelligence (likely) being run by David Atlee Phillips and hard right former FBI Guy Banister. CIA James Angleton very possibly was running Oswald as a “fake defector” to Russia.

    LBJ’s Dallas and Austin billionaire oilmen insiders had deep contacts to Kennedy-hating military and intelligence men.

    LBJ, his blood brother Hoover of the FBI, CIA, Secret Service all covered up the JFK assassination. All knew it was a “conspiracy” with multiple shooters. All had the Zapruder Film in real time and all knew JFK was shot from both the front and back in a crossfire conspiracy. All sat on the Zapruder film and never publicly released it. LIFE Magazine sat on the Zapruder Film and never told anyone what it actually showed.

    Just look at the wounds in JFK’s shirt and coat and that destroys the fantasy of the “magic bullet theory” which was designed by staff on the Warren Report to cover up the fact that JFK as shot by multiple shooters.

    Anger in US intelligence and military over Cuba policy were big factors in the JFK assassination. See comments by David Morales, E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis and a legion of JFK researchers.

    As for Oswald being US intelligence with a fake persona of a pro-Castro Marxist, read John Newman, Gaeton Fonzi, Philip Melanson, Martin Schotz, Vince Salandria, Jim Marrs, Jim DiEugenio, George Michael Evica, Joan Mellon, and Sylvia Meagher, Harold Weisberg, Joachim Joesten (very early onto this), Gerald McKnight, Henry Hurt, Alan Weberman and the book Farewell America. All have written on this topic.

    If Lyndon Johnson did it, then the JFK assassination is a “grand conspiracy.” If CIA/military intelligence did it, the it is a “grand conspiracy.”

    Most Americans, and especially the elites who have deluded themselves on this topic, cannot accept the reality of the JFK assassination. Most Americans believe the government covering up the JFK assassination and that it was a conspiracy. Then they turn right around and say the “mafia” or “Fidel Castro” murdered JFK. Laughable. Although about 1/3 of Americans believe the CIA Did It and maybe 15% believe LBJ Did It.

    It is true that although the JFK assassination was indeed a very ugly high level domestic “grand conspiracy” most Americans just can’t handle that reality.

    LBJ, Hoover’s FBI (Deke DeLoach), CIA all had immaculate media friendships at the ownership levels and highest media executive levels. That is a big reason the MSM placed such a big role in cover up the murder of JFK and the “grand conspiracy” and coup d’état was allowed to succeed.

    Here are the basics on the JFK assassination: Lyndon Johnson, military-CIA rage over Cuba policy, Oswald as US intelligence, FBI informer, media-government complicity in the cover up of JFK’s murder.

    The JFK assassination is like a bowling ball rolling through all of our nation’s highest institutions and knocking over the credibility of them.

    Yes, a “grand conspiracy” but a larger grand conspiracy to cover it up.

    1. Robert, isn’t Barr McClellan coming out with a more recent book-VERDICT(I think that’s the title)?. I read Blood, Money, and Power, and liked it. By the way, I see LBJ as being involved in the assassination AND cover-up.

      1. Barr McClellan’s “The Verdict: Justice for John Kennedy, Justice for America” is coming out May 5th.


        Since McClellan’s first book many people have approached him with new information. After you write a book, that is when people start contacting you with a bunch of stuff you wish you had known about before you wrote your book.

        The same thing happened with Barr and I look forward to seeing what new material he has.

  10. “pretty small group of people”…isn’t a “group” more than one? Two or more is all it takes for a conspiracy to have occurred.

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