My CIA History course starts this week

In this twelve-week for-credit course, I will trace the roots of today’s headlines–from drone war to torture to the Iran nuclear deal and the Islamic– to the 68-year history of the CIA. In recounting the CIA’s secret operations, unsung successes, and scandals, you will learn how the agency wields its power.

The course is offered through Oplerno, an online learning platform that is ideal for telling the remarkable story of the CIA. In weekly lectures and online discussion, we will follow the agency as it grows from a scatted handful of offices in Washington employing less than a thousand people to a global empire with 20,000 employees and an annual budget of $14.7 billion. Along the way, we will consider the place of JFK’s assassination in CIA history.



Key points about this course.

–You can watch the video lectures and listen to the podcast lectures and debate CIA issues with me and your fellow at your convenience.

–The reading and writing assignments involve a time commitment of a couple of hours per week.

–You can deepen your knowledge of the CIA by visiting with me during my weekly Skype office hours

–JFK Facts readers get 30 percent off; just put “JFK” after your name when you enroll at

Enrollment closes Friday. Sign up now.


1 thought on “My CIA History course starts this week”

  1. Awesome. Thank you Mr.Morley for your dedication to seek the truth. I read Donovan and the CIA: A History of the Establishment of the Central Intelligence Agency. That really gave me lots of insight on the case. After reading the book I have come to the conclusion that all of the joint chiefs were most likely on the “second level” of the conspiracy and cover up. Along with LBJ, who lead the charge for the cover-up. I hope Ms. Lynch will do the right thing. I feel with the tone of the country focusing on America’s past sins, now is the perfect time for the truth to be told regarding 11/22/63. I’m trying to organize a conference to take place in mid fall here in Vermont. You have know idea how many people are ignorant to the facts of this case. Its a disgrace!

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