Morley v. CIA: thanks!

As I prepare for Monday’s hearing with the CIA, I am heartened by all the support I got on Facebook. When the going gets tough (and in this business it often does), it is nice to know I am I’m not alone. So thank you.

And let’s thank my attorney, the indefatigable Jim Lesar whose mastery of FOIA and the JFK story has made it all possible.

Among my favorites comments from Facebook

“Fighting for the TRUTH can be a dirty business, so “SPRUCE UP” and wear a clean suit!”

“Go get ’em Jeff!”

“An amazing and important fight”

“Fingers crossed all the way. Good on ya, dude. Good luck, go gettum,”

“Yyou have the truth and history on your side. You will prevail.”

“May the ghost of James Jesus Angleton be with you!!!”

5 thoughts on “Morley v. CIA: thanks!”

  1. One more thing—-Is this pending court appearance getting any media attention? For example, is the Washington Post going to be covering it? Perhaps I think it needs to get as much publicity as possible so it isn’t missed by much of the general public.

  2. Best of luck! Hopefully the court will in favor of disclosure.
    Just appalling that CIA is still unwilling to produce these docs.

  3. Mr. Lesar has been at this for a long time, first working with the dean of assassination critics, Harold Weisberg, in numerous successful suits for assassination documents. Way back in 1976 Jim Lesar gave some very fine presentations at the National Symposium on Assassinations at UW-Stevens Point.
    The videos may be viewed here:

  4. It’s too bad you can’t bring Ben Bradlee with you, your former Washington Post colleague. Having him there, asking that CIA give the truth for his old pal, JFK, would be PRICELESS.

    I wish you luck, and sorry about anything I may have said about any of the judges. Let justice prevail on Monday!

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