More video evidence illuminates Bill O’Reilly’s JFK fib

From the Washington Post’s Erik Wemple, some priceless video of the young Bill O’Reilly covering the story of the suicide of CIA asset and Oswald pal George de Mohrenschildt in March 1977.

Does O’Reilly sound like a man who “knocked on the door [and] heard the shotgun blast that marked the suicide of the Russian,” as he claimed on page 300 in his book Killing Kennedy?


11 thoughts on “More video evidence illuminates Bill O’Reilly’s JFK fib”

  1. Astute observation Otus, IMHO. Now we have further questioning about Brian Williams but bigger Bill is forgotten. A sacrificial lamb for a golden fleece?

  2. Most of the commenters I’ve read on the Internet seem to focus on Bill O’Reilly’s ‘up & commer’ MSM media status at the time he lied about being present during George de Mohrenschildt’s violent death & almost forgive him for trying to better his status & he clawed his way to where he is now.
    I see it differently. Bill O’Reilly’s lie takes suspicion away from CIA agents allegedly murdering GdM.
    If lying for the Agency has factored in to where O’Reilly is now on Fox news, the obvious conclusion to be drawn is that such lying for the Agency pays extremely well.

  3. We can deservingly beat O’Reilly up forever for his lie but he does deserve some credit for (at least) pursuing the GDM story. To this day, 99.99% of journalists avoid the entire JFK assassination saga as if it caused cancer.

    My time is better spent trying to do the job they did so poorly and/or never even attempted to do.

    1. How can anyone say O’Reilly “deserves some credit?”
      The abandonment of his former pursuit (with my husband’s assistance) of the truth of the JFK assassination in order
      to fabricate a lie is worthy only of scorn. Somebody should ask him what Gaeton would think of KILLING KENNEDY. Oh, by the way ask if he read THE LAST INVESTIGATION.

    2. Ramon F Herrera

      [Robert Paul:]

      “he does deserve some credit for (at least) pursuing the GDM story. ”



      You are probably a young guy. You should take a step back and look at the issue contemporaneously. During those post Watergate days the country was hungry for information and the truth about the JFK case. Tragically and sadly, those years we lost our virginity in the form of trust toward our institutions.

      It was as if We The People fired a gun into the air, at the race event and the media started running like crazy. The question was not to find out which journalists were covering the case or chasing leads! It was easier to count with the fingers of one hand (sorry for a little exaggeration) which reporters were NOT after the GDMs, David Phillipses, Marinas and Angletons of the world. The Baron had to hide, with so many investigators after him. Off hand, we know of Fonzi, Epstein and O’Reilly, but there were many, many more.

      I hurry to remark that THE ONLY one doing the business of We The People and holding subpoena power was Fonzi. You may place the label of “ambulance chaser” to the rest, but Gaet was our only fully legitimate representative.

      Gaeton and the rest of HSCA staff got tons of leads from the media. In fact, he got so many that the other side decided to INVENT faux leads in order to delay him. See below a section of his book, which I highly recommend.

      If Bill O’Reilly deserves credit for that pursuit, so I for drinking Coca-Cola, going to New Orleans during Mardi Grass or running with the bulls in Pamplona!

      1. Giving some minimal credit to O’Reilly’s pursuit (while, at the same time, pointing out his fabricated lie) wasn’t intended to discredit, in any way, Mr. Fonzi’s (or others) excellent work. I’m sincerely sorry that my post may have implied otherwise.

  4. Nice to see History preserved. It would be great to see the whole interview. To see if O’Riley mentioned being there BEFORE her and hearing the shot. The daughter doesn’t seem that upset for what she had found/seen.

  5. Bill O’Reilly is liar and he thinks you or I are “punks” for pointing out that he was no where near the suicide of George DeMohrenschildt in 1977. O’Reilly has lied about numerous other news events such as seeing El Salvadoran nuns being murdered, being in a “war zone” in Argentina, etc.

    O’Reilly should be fired. He should be held accountable for his intentional lying, which I agree is not harmless fibbing.

    As for Dan Rather, his reporting on the JFK assassination and the Zapruder film and what it shows is disgraceful as well.

    Will FOX fire O’Reilly? No. But he should be discredited.

  6. A lie is an intentionally false statement to a person or group made by another person or group who knows it is not wholly the truth. Further, a fib is an unimportant lie. When it comes to journalism, all intentional misrepresentations of the truth are important. It is generous of you to continue to downplay O’Reilly’s fabrication as a fib, when it should be labeled clearly for what it is: a lie.

    1. So much focus on O’Reilly, yet let’s not forget Dan Rather’s description of viewing the Zapruder film in 1963, 12 years before it was seen by the public.

      1. The reason this comments section is focused on Bill’s lying is because it is called, “More video evidence illuminates Bill O’Reilly’s JFK fib.” If you want to comment on some other lie, go to that section. Bill is a chronic liar and is selling millions of books without knowing any facts. He is a disgrace to Kennedy Assassination Research and should not be taken seriously. His book is garbage.

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