More JFK videos from the AARC conference, please

A reader writes: “Fascinating videos of this conference which I planned to but  was unable to attend. Are there any video postings planned by AARC of the sessions with AntonVeciana or Buell Frazier?

The answer to the question is: Yes and yes.

The Buell Frazier and Antonio Veciana videos will be posted in the next few days.



3 thoughts on “More JFK videos from the AARC conference, please”

  1. Raymond Carroll

    A word of caution about Anthony Veciana. He testified under oath that Phillips was NOT Bishop. Now he says he lied under oath.

    Most people will not accept the word of a self-admitted perjurer.

    I would also suggest that Veciana’s revised story leads to no new evidence, an indication that it is disinformation!

    Looking forward to your book on Angleton.

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