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  1. I think that LHO was working for the Justice Dept. and was involved in infiltrating the gun running activities of the CIA.
    The Venezuela gun cache was the replacement for the Havana network that was closed down once the Mob was no longer running the show in Cuba….

  2. William,

    Marina’s reaction came before the police had even arrived at the Paine house. It was based on her knowledge of Oswald, not on anything she learned later.


    So [Ruth] said the President had been shot and it looked like it was from the building where Lee worked. Of course, I flashed, and I went outside and I said I hope it’s not Lee because he was involved before that. Not political activities – but he always played with politics. And General Walker that he claimed that he attempted …

    OW Attempted to shoot?

    MOP-Attempted to shoot – and I was just hoping that it’s not him – and I knew he did have the rifle.


      1. Willy,

        “Jean, that doesn’t in anyway negate what William speaks to as per the treatment that Marina was subjected to by her handlers later while she was in captivity.”

        Even though Marina told Oprah she believed that Oswald was innocent, she *still* said that her immediate reaction on hearing that shots came from Oswald’s workplace was “I hope it’s not Lee.” Oswald’s wife immediately suspected he might be the shooter. Why ignore that?

        So far as I know, Marina’s only complaint about her treatment by the authorities was that an FBI agent suggested that she might be deported if she continued to refuse to answer the FBI’s questions. Here’s a FBI memo about that:

        http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=57697&relPageId=116&search=marina_AND “outset of the interview”

        Marina told the HSCA she was grateful for the Secret Service protection.


        The idea that Marina was kept “in captivity” or mistreated is a CT myth. If I’m wrong, please show me the evidence.

  3. One point that’s occurred to me about Lee and Marina Oswald that I don’t think is discussed enough is that they had to be a Cold War counterintelligence officer’s nightmare — a native born US citizen married to a native born Soviet citizen, with 2 children, one born in the mother’s country, the other in the father’s, i.e., an anchor baby in each possible place of escape. You could lose a hell of a lot of sleep wondering just where their ultimate loyalty/loyalties lay.

    1. “You could lose a hell of a lot of sleep wondering just where their ultimate loyalty/loyalties lay.”~Fearfaxer

      But of course the story the official story maintains is that nobody was loosing any sleep – until after the assassination occurred. It has been shown not to be the case of course. There was intense interest by certain factions of the Intel community, who were guiding their patsy, while keeping mum to the rest of the community.
      This has been discussed in great detail on this site.
      I agree with Jordon that “LHO was working for the Justice Dept. and was involved in infiltrating the gun running activities of the CIA.” And this was the impetus to frame his as a patsy by the CIA.

  4. It seems to me Marina’s immediate reaction on 11/22 was based on what she was then told, in 1963, while sequestered, pestered, questioned, harangued, advised, threatened with deportation, and that’s just for starters, and by whom? Well, guess who? Only later, after an INTELLIGENTLY informed MARINA realized the full extent of her husband’s actions that day, did she then reassess his culpability, or lack thereof, of having anything remotely to do with JFK’s murder. There are many CREDIBLE researchers, investigators, authors, and also just plain ordinary folks out there, with any horse sense at all and who can read, that can, will, or should see her actions for what they were that day, given the times at hand and her concern for herself and her two daughter’s safety. The Oswald’s, after all, were just another mixed-nationality American family of the time,struggling to get by like we all do today, or didn’t you know?

  5. Did anyone else notice that even though Marina believed (and still believes) that Oswald admired JFK, when she learned that he had been shot from the building where Oswald worked her first thought was “I hope it’s not Lee”?

    1. Not necessarily an admission of guilt; but she explained in the interview with OW that given the case put to her (1963) of LHO’s alleged crime , she did believe that it must have occurred. She now no longer accepts that he was culpable, based on analysis subsequent to the time of arrest and WC findings.
      In the interview with OW she explains her reactions of circa 1963.

      She no longer accepts the shoddy investigative allegations put to her in 1963.

      1. You better believe she does. Her knowledge of Oswald’s attempted assassination on General Walker earlier that year kinda clinches what she already knew what he was capable of for a cause, and be be somebody important.

        You better read some more . . .

        1. Dan, There is much more evidence that exonerates Oswald and proves that he in fact was an intelligence assset.
          Lee’s association with David Ferry, Guy Banister, David Attlee Phillips and Tosh Plumlee. Check out what Chauncey Holt has to say about Oswald.

  6. Lee deserves to be publicly absolved, once and for all, from any participation in the Kennedy assassination. The man was framed by the assassins, never got his day in court and was gut-shot in return for his efforts on behalf of our Country. Lee was a US Marine and a patriot. Coming from a fatherless home and being only 17 when he enlisted in the Corp he was fresh meat to the men whom he considered father figures. They directed his actions, which he was assured were for the good of the United States. The deceit and treachery that this American hero suffered at the hands of his Government are obscene and unforgivable.

    1. Too bad that he told Marina about his attempt to assassinate right-wing ex army general Walker earlier that year. Maybe you have a different idea of what makes a “patriot.”

      Too bad he needed to leave the TSBD right after *someone* killed JFK, and then needed to take in a movie, after *someone* killed Tippet.

  7. Oprah Winfrey’s interviews revealed some of the lengths to which the FBI, the CIA, and the DPD would go to, to suppress information about LHO, his actions as an intelligence asset, and the links he had with figures such as Jack Ruby.
    The more you probe into the behavior of these organizations, the more you learn as to their culpability in choosing not to investigate LHO, but rather to obfuscate any evidence that may lead to the truth.
    Unfortunately, this legacy of dishonorable conduct, deceit and fraud plagues the foundations of power to this very day.

    There is a need for honorable people to turn back this tide of corruption and lack of accountability, in order to present the facts of JFK’s assassination.

  8. Marina became such a discredited source that no one can say for sure when she is telling the truth or is lying. However, there is no quantum of proof about LHO hate toward JFK. The most nonsensical twist on the issue, by Bugliosi et all., is that LHO revered Fidel Castro and supported his revolution in such a way that that by killing JFK he was somehow helping Castro’s cause. Bugliosi has spun that yarn even with the factoid that LHO went to Mexico City in order to get to Havana to help Castro. Thus we have a love story on Castro that turns into a hate story on JFK just for explaining LHO motivation to kill the later.

    1. The fact that LHO strongly supported JFKs policies on Civil Rights and desegregation is often glossed over.

      If Oswald did in fact try to kill Gen Walker, his motive most likely was opposition to Walker’s violent pro-Segregation activism.

      In contrast, Oswald seemed to admire Kennedy. Which is why the JFK assassination if executed by Oswald alone seems motive-less…

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