Look for it: Inside Oswald’s wallet

Seen at the crime: Dallas police officers handling Lee Oswald’s wallet

From Bill Simpich, author of the revelatory new book State Secret, comes another piece of original research into JFK’s assassination:

The story of Lee Harvey Oswald’s wallet, found at the scene of the murder of Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit.

The story emerges from long-ago film footage from Dallas TV station WFAA showing law enforcement officers handling the wallet. While WFAA’s report last November argues that the footage proves that Oswald killed Officer Tippit, Simpich digs deeper — into the contents of the wallet itself — and discovers a less reassuring story.

Look for the story on Monday April 21.

8 thoughts on “Look for it: Inside Oswald’s wallet”

  1. A bit aside from the wallet, but I do believe that Mrs. Markham indicated that when Tippit’s killer drew his gun and fired he did so from what seemed, by her description, to be from the area of his pocket (i.e., hip shooting). And he hit his mark four times in fairly rapids succession. Anyone ever try to hip shoot multiple times at even a close target and strike every time? Not easy with that type handgun. And Oswald, as far as we know, was unschooled on handguns.

  2. One other thing if it could have been proven ( which it clearly can’t ) that Oswald had Infact shot Tippit as well as the President that Day it would have made a conspiracy case ten times easier to prove SERIOUSLY!!!!
    Think about it for a minute! Oswald was a former Marine that was stationed at Atsuigi as a radar operator with a ton of security Clearance he worked with Gerald Hemming David Thornley then spent time learning Russian in Cal. Only to leave the Marines try to defect to Russia be denied stay for a couple years marry an Russian Intel.s niece and come right back to America with out any trouble or red tape. Then he and his wife meet and become friends with a Russian Emigre George DeMorenschildt Really? He then Stands out front of the offices of every branch of the intel community handing out fair play for Cuba leaflets! Says he’s a Marxist but still maintains a close friendship with a Russian defector are you kidding me?
    The Bottom line is it’s my belief that Oswald was involved big time it was no accident he got a job at the TSBD 6 weeks before JFK came to town which was plenty of time to serve as an advance man figuring out the quickest ways to get in and out firing lines etc…. Then serve as a decoy and relay who was coming into the building to the actual shooters! Then quietly slip away…… Seems odd to me both elevators just happend to be on the top floor… This is the only way all of Oswalds activitys make sense and removes all the holes in the other theory’s .

  3. Let’s say for the purpose of discussion that Oswald had shot Tippet it seems funny to me that the act of pulling a trigger could cause a wallet to fall out of his pants! Considering that the shooter had the gun tucked in his belt in back……

  4. David Von Pein and Dale Myers have interesting takes on the wallet in question. Both assert it is NOT Oswald’s wallet, but that of witness (Ted Calloway) who rode off in Scoggin’s cab with Tippet’s police revolver, in pursuit of the person he saw running away from the Tippet shooting (http://jfk-archives.blogspot.com/2010/07/wallets-part-2.html). Calloway returned to the crime scene and turned in Tippet’s gun and probably was asked for ID. The WFAA reporter (Ron Ron Reiland,in newsreel, shows the officer with Tippet’s revolver and possibly Calloway’s wallet. Calloway denies any wallet on the ground at the crime scene when he arrived. None of the witnesses to the shooting gave testimony about a wallet on the ground, or seeing a wallet at the time of the shooting, or the assailant dropping, or leaving a wallet at the crime scene. It is possible for a person to have more than one wallet, but very unlikely they keep ID in all of them. Oswald’s wallet was found in Marina’s drawer with $180.00 after he was assassinated on live TV. What amazes me is the the DPD had a search warrant for anything pertaining to Lee Harvey Oswald, so how did they overlook this glaring piece of material evidence?

    1. From Michael T. Griffith’s article on the Tippit shooting:


      …the fact remains that former Special Agent Barrett insists an Oswald wallet with both Oswald ID and fake Hidell ID was found at the scene, and that Barrett clearly recalls that he was asked if he knew who Oswald or Hidell was by the policeman who was examining the wallet. Nor does it change the fact that former Special Agent Hosty confirmed that Barrett told him about the finding of an Oswald wallet at the Tippit scene.

  5. Bill Simpich’s book influenced me to look closer at defector Robert E Webster. I’ve found this week that Webster finished his worklife.retiring from boat builder Duff & Edey. Maitlant Edey Jr. is.the son of a USAAF Intel. Maj. who worked during WWII and after at Life Magazine with Col. Edward Thompson. Thompson worked on the Oswald.backyard photos. His son was the Reader’s.Digest exe. who assigned Edward Jay Epstein to develop books on JFk Assassination and on Nosenko. Small world.

  6. Arnaldo M. Fernandez

    This piece leads to the question posed by Jim DiEugenio to Philip Shenon: Do you know anyone who carries three wallets?
    The WC states what DPD reported: Oswald’s wallet was taken from him after being arrested at the Texas Theater. But FBI agent Bob Barrett appears on film handling a wallet that he later said had the Oswald&Hidell identification inside. And there is another police report about a wallet Oswald left at the Paine´s home the very morning of November 22, 1963. The “three wallets problem” is a conspiracy fact since DPD suppressed the one found at the Tippit scene to avoid the argument that it was planted.

    1. Great concise analysis. In conjunction with Richard Case Nagel’s assertion that multiple CIA Agents used the Hidell alias, and when arrested had evidence indicating so in his trunk (correct me if I’m wrong), it would indicate Oswald was affiliated wiht the CIA.

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