The welcome mat at JFK Facts

JFK Assassination Scenarios is the Facebook page for a closed group that proclaims it is dedicated “solely for the purpose of putting forward YOUR strongest theory regarding WHY JFK was assassinated, What conspiratorial faction was involved, and How the assassination was pulled off.”

The sponsors go on:

“Partial theories are encouraged, as the complete picture may be overwhelming. If, however, someone is 100% sure of their theory, please write a book, because this group tosses around theories that are not complete, thus searching for loose ends. I believe we may be able to help each other in this way, providing we don’t get too personal.”

The site’s sponsors close with this point:

“Only those who are convinced this is a conspiracy are welcome, as lone nut assassination believers are not welcome here.”

To each his own. That is NOT the editorial policy at JFK Facts. Anybody interested in he JFK assassination is welcome to read and comment here.


4 thoughts on “The welcome mat at JFK Facts”

  1. “To each his own. That is NOT the editorial policy at JFK Facts. Anybody interested in he JFK assassination is welcome to read and comment here.”

    Yep – Jeff has conspiratorial leanings , whereas John McAdams is an avowed LN – but both hold true to the ideal of freedom of expression.
    It is a credit to both of them.
    As for the “closed” forums – all of which are totally CT – fine , the founders and mods make the rules , so if they want to create an exclusive group , so be it.

  2. Plaudits, Jeff.

    I stumbled over to Deep Politics Forum (DPF) yesterday and found to my delight it regularly features major JFK researchers. I also found to my dismay the site had just banned James Fetzer.

    I’m grateful you allow persons including Fetzer and McAdams to post here.

    Warren Critics need both to sharpen their thinking, research, and writing by confronting Warren supporters; and to deal with the fact not all Warren critics see eye to eye.

    DPF flays Fetzer over the Oswald Innocence Campaign (OIC), which is based on an argument that Altgens 6 has been doctored to conceal the presence of LHO in the doorway of the TSBD at the time of the shooting. Charles Drago of DPF argues Altgens 6 contains too little information to support that conclusion and expresses concern the MSM will paint Fetzer as a conspiracy theorist buffoon and use their caricature of him to taint all JFK anti-Warren researchers. Fetzer of course fired back.

    Too bad this dispute had not been carried out in an environment of respect, such the environment you maintain here. The ball might have been advanced down the field, might.

    1. Photon,

      I’ve supported your presence here. And I’ve read or otherwise seen a number of your comments.

      If your “if only” comment refers to some of your comments’ being held in moderation and not published, all I can say is, welcome to the club.

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