Listen: Trish Woods talks to Oliver Stone

Source: Trish Wood is Critical: Director Oliver Stone: How Dark State Actors Killed a President on Apple Podcasts

Woods says the connection between November 22 and “ongoing geopolitical tyranny is clear.” It’s not clear to me.

That feels like overstatement.

Yes, the CIA and the national security sector agencies achieved impunity after the assassination of JFK (and the government’s failure to hold anyone responsible.). And yes, that impunity contributed to the long-term militarization of U.S. foreign policy. And, yes, said militarization contributed to foolhardy U.S. policy of seeking NATO membership for Ukraine

But this awful war has other (non-American) causes besides the militarization of U.S. policy: Putin’s ambitions and Ukraine dreams, to name but two. It seems chauvinistic to make U.S. politics the motive force for a foreign war.

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