15 thoughts on “Lee Trevino tees up Lee Oswald: he ‘didn’t act alone’”

  1. Lee Trevino was born in Dallas, lives in Dallas, and was in the Marine Corps. As a professional golfer and celebrity, he undoubtedly golfs with and mixes with the power brokers of Dallas. I have no doubt that he has heard some interesting stories and first hand accounts of the events surrounding JFK’s murder.

    1. Hearing the first-hand stories and accounts is what led James Tague and Barr McClellan to write their books on the asassination. Those gentleman, like Trevino, were also around others who had info worth noting.

  2. One doesn’t need a fancy college degree or even smarts to know that JFK’s murder involved more than Lee Oswald. Trevino, used what all people use to think about the world. They use some common sense along with some good horse sense, and use the brain God gave them and about 60-70% of all Americans and almost anyone involved from the doctors at Parkland to most school children at the time now believe that more than Oswald was involved. It’s some of “those smart guys” that can’t seem to use their given abilities, along with their education using common sense and some old fashioned horse sense to figure out that 2 plus 3 doesn’t equal 4. Thank you Lee Trevino and Jefferson Morley.

  3. Have to agree with Prof. McAdams on this one: while Mr. Trevino’s opinion makes for a mildly interesting info-bit, one doubts he spent much time pouring over the Warren volumes. Now had he put Sam Sneed on Grassy Knoll….

    1. Mr. Trevino is implying that he heard it from other Texans who seem to know what happened, and not necessarily from his own examination of the public record or any evidence.

  4. He’s obviously an expert on this issue whose opinions have huge probative value.

    Next Peter will be telling us that Lindsay Lohan believes in a conspiracy.

    Oh, the humanity!

    1. John mcadams.

      Another flawed human who falls within your grand unifying conspiracy theory? Let’s find out if he does know people who might know. There are actually rationale people with objective facts that don’t fall within your all encompassing theory.

    2. You don’t have to be an ‘expert’ to be a credible messenger of information.

      (Professor, you have your finger on that ‘discreditation trigger’ again).

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