Lee Harvey Oswald’s address book

Take a look, in living color, right here, thanks to A.J. Weberman. 

Is this address book the product of a cunning but pathetic sociopath? Or a man who caught up in forces larger than himself?

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25 thoughts on “Lee Harvey Oswald’s address book”

  1. So, there were a second set of three tramps picked up a hour and a half after the assassination from a grain car, according to Dallas Cops and Lee Bowers between 1/4, 1/2, 1 mile South (3-4-700 yards in one account) of the Tower Bowers was in. That’s back toward Union Station (Reunion Tower), the South knoll. Interesting.
    Start about 1/3 of the way down the link (around the newspaper picture).

    1. It’s interesting to note there were arrest records for the first set of tramps brought in shortly after the assassination (Doyle, Gedney and Abrams) but not the second. I’ve always thought the tramps were found in a box car in the rail road yard immediately after the assassination, within 20-30 minutes. Yet this documents the time frame of 2:00-2:30 of finding three “tramps” lying down along the inside of a gondola or grain car several hundred yards South of the railroad yard/tower.
      Along this line the pictures of the tramps do not show a large crowd in the background. I was under the impression a good part of the crowd by the TSBD and others who rushed to the rail yard were still hanging around 20-30 minutes after the shots.
      I believe Bowers mentions 50-100 officers in 5-10 minutes with shotguns and Thompson machine guns. Then he stops a different train leaving the yard about 2:00, calls officers to the tower and directs officers to the 9th car from the engine(s), several hundred yards to the South. Something’s screwy here.

  2. I’ve been having problems watching video on my home computer and only viewed Jeff’s link at lunch today. I thought it was another you tube link I’ve seen of Weberman talking about the book The Oswald Code. It’s nice to actually see the full pages in color since they are not in the book. I’m still unconvinced on the “code” assertions.

  3. There are indentations on the pages of this address book which are not visible in these photos. Indented writing is normally recovered by one of two methods: either photographically using oblique (glancing) light or by use of an apparatus commonly referred to as ESDA, short for Electro-static Detection Apparatus. So far as I’m aware, no such effort has ever been undertaken to decipher those marks.

  4. For anyone who might read it:
    Pg. 1 Blank.
    Pg. 2 Commission exhibit 18.
    Pg. 3 Photo of author.
    Pg. 4 Ch. 1 Oswald’s Tradecraft.
    Pg. 17 Ch. 2 Frank Fironi Sturgis.
    Pg. 27 Ch. 3 Gerry Patrick Hemming.
    Pg. 52 Ch 4 Hunt.
    Pg. 81 Ch 5 Crist.
    Pg. 83 Ch 6 Philips.
    Pg. 89 Ch 7 Angleton.
    Pg. 113 Ch 8 Diaz-Lanz.
    Pg. 117 Ch 9 Torres.
    Pg. 123 Ch 10 Bringuier.
    Pg. 184 Ch 11 Bartes.
    Pg. 199 Ch 12 FBI.
    Pg. 206 Ch 13 Tex – Mex.
    Pg. 215 Ch 14 Nazi’s.
    Pg. 237 Ch 15 Ruth Paine.
    Pg. 265 Ch 16 Notations in the USSR.
    Pg. 303 End. Period.

  5. Would someone please direct me to a book or publication that has studied, deciphered, and translates LHO’s address book – page by page and entry by entry? Many thanks.

  6. Warning to anyone contemplating buying this book. It has no index, page notes, end notes or bibliography. Page one is page one. The last page is the last page. I did not buy it for the code stuff, some of which is easy to see, much of which is questionable. I bought it for more info on the “two sets of tramps” info discussed in http://theoswaldcode.com/ . There are two paragraphs about this in the book. The author claims there were firecrackers on the grassy knoll as a deception, Oswald was waiting in the lunchroom for Gerry Patric Hemming to pay him for the rifle, and that he himself used to sell pot to he head of the FPCC.
    The info about the tramps in the grain car at 2:00 on the website is intriguing and seems to be documented, unlike the book.

    1. BTW I also bought the book based on Weberman’s co authoring of Coup d’Etat in America which I read portions of on line several years ago. It seemed revolutionary at the time in that it had suggested CIA involvement back in 75 when originally written.

  7. Fascinating. Wild how the entire cast of characters are there – GDM, the DRE and Bringuier, Bill Stuckey, Truly, Hosty, etc. Besides the stuff in Russian, the entries seem split between someone looking for a job and someone looking for trouble in a big way, guided to it or not. Not much in there showcasing the committed communist, though, IMHO.

  8. Part of the set-up of the assassination involved getting Oswald his job at the book depository in October, right along a motorcade route that had been used before for JFK.

    Here’s a little context: The Warren Commission says that it was Ruth Paine who set Oswald up working the boxes on the sixth floor of the Texas Book Depository, thanks to a tip from neighbor Buell Wesley Frazier’s sister Linnie Mae Randle. The Book Depository was an ideal spot along the motorcade route for a sniper to take a shot at the President.

    Ruth said she bitterly regretted her role in finding Oswald the Book Depository job. I believe that is true, but the Commission ignored Randle’s statement that she did not know of any jobs available at the depository during that time.

    The Warren Commission suppressed the information that Paine hid from Oswald that Robert Adams from the Texas Employment Commission had left a message at her home in an effort to tell Oswald that a job was available with Trans Texas Airways which would have paid much more money than the Depository job. Paine would not admit receiving that message.

    Adams remembered the details of this story in August 1964, after he had for some strange reasons denied telephoning for Oswald when originally quizzed by the Warren Commission in April.

    There is a phone number in Oswald’s phone book that should be Robert Adams’ number, but it reads as “Robert Odum”. This is beyond Oswald’s normal misspellings. Did Odum have some kind of relationship with Oswald? Was this some kind of Freudian slip?

    Odum was all over this case before and after 11/22.

    1. Bill Simpich, I agree fully that Bardwell Odum is all over this investigation, and I’ve have argued that elsewhere.

      However, I do not believe this is a misspelling of Odum’s name in Oswald’s address book. I think at issue is a misinterpretation of Oswald’s handwriting. I can see the ‘s’ trailing after the ‘m,’ and the last ‘a’ has not been closed. ergo Odum is in fact Adams – Robert Adams of the Texas State [Employment Commission].

      Weisberg identified RI 7-2017 a number of times in this address book, and 2017 is the phone number of the Texas State Employment Commission where Robert ‘Adams’ was employed.

      There are sufficient scenarios to wonder about Odum’s involvement in the investigation without introducing a highly questionable one.

      Odum surfaces in the episode because he interviewed Adams. Albert Jenner is asking Robert Adams about that interview. That does not indicate to me that RI 7-2017 is directly connected to Bardwell Odum in spite of his being known as ‘Bob’ (aka Robert) to Ruth and ‘Mike’ Paine.

  9. gerry, I believe this is Robert Adams not Odum, and it is Adams’ phone number at the employment commission. Jenner’s reference to Odum relates to Bardwell Odum’s interview of Robert Adams (although I agree that Odum was evidently known as ‘Bob’ to the Paines.) I think you may be misreading Oswald’s handwriting as ‘Robert Odum’ when in fact it is Robert Adams.

    Harold Weisberg transcribed portions of the address book. RI 7-2071 repeats a number of times as the Texas State Employment office.


    If you’re convinced otherwise, I would very much like to know. tks.

    1. leslie you our most likely right i had Texas Solid State electronics on my mind along with FBI agent Robert Odum. It is Adams phone No. Its Ironic that Odum would be the FBI man to check LHO employment search and FBI Agent to Interview Marina at Hotel Adolphus

  10. Arnaldo M. Fernandez

    It´s full of left-wing activists´ addresses, who like Red Lee were supporting the Castro revolution against the evil JFK.

    1. The address book also has the contact info for the Kloepfer couple in New Orleans. These people were hardly left wing activists. Careful study of their history leads directly to the alleged CIA pay master in New Orleans, Stephen Lehmann, attorney to Whitney National Bank.

        1. Arnaldo Fernandez, those ins and outs – sans the Quaker affiliation – lead to Mr. Stephen Lemann (misspelling in my previous comment).

          12. RUTF KLOEPFER is employed by the Parish Prison as a
          Social Worker. We have confirmed that CLAY SHAW has talked
          to RUTH KLOEPFER in the Parish Prison on at least one occasion
          in connection with his interest in CHARLES DANIELS, who was
          once an inmate there (and who is also presently listed
          SHAW’s address book).. Also a Social Worker in the Parish
          Prison is JANE LEMANN,whose husband is an instructor in
          architecture at Tulane University. She is a Quaker. Her
          husband is also related to STEPHEN LEMANN who is (a) the
          General Counsel for W D S U -TV, and (b) according to infor-
          mation given us, the local paymaster for the CIA with regard
          to the attorneys attempting to block the inquiry.

          From a comment I made in January, 2014:

          “This relates to the period in the investigation involving Ruth Paine, a Quaker in New Orleans named Kloepfer, her work in the parish prison, an encounter with Clay Shaw, and a reference to Stephen Lemann, NO attorney (associated with Whitney banking/Freeport Sulphur) and alleged CIA paymaster relating to the Garrison investigation. (Lemann has a number of other credentials not mentioned here.)


          John [McAdams], I am going to anticipate your response.

          The Stephen Lemann referenced in this document was a member of the NO law firm that represented the Whitney family interests in New Orleans, including Whitney Bank. The Whitney’s were original investors in Freeport Sulphur. I recognize that you have vehemently objected to the research presented by Lisa Pease relating to the mineral company, but you cannot disavow that Freeport was operating throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.

          The Stephen Lemann family and firm also had affiliations with a company called Avrico – which was in essence United Fruit, i.e. Samuel Zemurray and the Dulles brothers whose board members have included such notables as John Jay McCloy of the Warren Commission and Robert Lehman of Lehman Brothers. Avrico and Whitney Bank have shared a New Orleans address, 228 St. Charles Ave.


          1. Mr. Fernandez,

            This from the United Fruit Historical Society:

            ‘After Zemurray retired in 1951, he remained as chairman of the executive committee of United Fruit. In that position it has been said that he had an important role in engineering the overthrow of the government of Guatemala in 1954, after the democratically elected President Jacobo Arbenz began expropriating the company’s plantations in order to follow his agrarian reform project. Zemurray led a campaign that portraied Arbenz as a dangerous Communist ( Read Edward Bernays – my emphasis ) in the American media. Working together with an advertisement company he distributed alarmist propaganda among the press and Congressmen in which he showed Guatemala as a foothold of the Soviet Union in the Western Hemisphere. This campaign was eventually successful, since the CIA sponsored a military coup against Arbenz, in which the rebels used United Fruit boats to transport troops and ammunition. The colonel who led the coup, Carlos Castllo, set back Arbenz labor and agrarian reforms and harshly repressed the opposition. In 1961, United Fruit also provided two ships for the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba.’

            Why would you think that UF and Whitney/Freeport Sulphur related attorneys vis a vis Stephen Lemann et al had distanced themselves from these activities by the early 1960′s and if they had not, is it not interesting to you that Lemann (and through him these same entities) surface in a Garrison document that mentions Ruth Paine, Marina Oswald, and through various NO citizens, Clay Shaw? And that in this document, it is evident that Garrison suspected attorney Lemann as a CIA paymaster.”

            Were the Kloepfers in Oswald’s address book because of a common link they shared with Oswald and Lemann and the CIA, or a common link they share with Ruth Paine and thru her, Lemann and the CIA while Oswald was little more than a pawn?

  11. Why would LHO have (FBI Agent) Robert Odum Dallas Texas State RI 72071 in his address book unless it was under handed way for FBI to follow LHO???


    Mr. JENNER – You apparently indicated to Mr. Odum, a reference on your part on October 8, to Solid State Electronics Co. of Texas, do you recall referring him to the Solid State Electronics Co. on or about the 8th of October 1963?
    Mr. ADAMS – I can recall having had that order because it was unusual in the sense. that I had not dealt with an order of that type before from a company engaged in the sale of electronics parts who wanted an individual who had had some knowledge of electronics or electronics parts. Presumably, if I referred to–Mr. Oswald, it was because his military or civilian background indicated he had had training in this field.

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