Lawsuit seeks to unlock CIA’s secret history of Bay of Pigs

“In this latest battle over government secrecy and the lessons of history, judges Thursday sounded a tad skeptical about the Obama administration’s sweeping claims. At the least, judges on what is sometimes called the nation’s second most-powerful court suggested there could be a limit to how long government documents remain locked away.”

via WASHINGTON: Lawsuit seeks to unlock CIA’s secret history of Bay of Pigs invasion | National Security & Defense | McClatchy DC.

2 thoughts on “Lawsuit seeks to unlock CIA’s secret history of Bay of Pigs”

  1. More CIA files from the same period and regarding an issue related to the files sought in Mr. Morley’s suit? The timing is still not right? Imagine that. It’s been alluded to in another thread on here that maybe they are still covering for a still living former Director who was tasked with recruiting for and obtaining private funding for Operation 40.

    One thing I have never come across a satisfactory answer for regarding the BOP is where was Dulles? Or rather why was he where he was at? The biggest CIA operation ever undertaken, hatched by Nixon & Dulles under Eisenhower and the CIA Director chooses to go to a Caribbean island for a conference? Why? He realized the operation would be a failure and was making an attempt at plausible deniability?

  2. The news article states that the withheld report is an uncritical defense of the CIA officers who planned and executed the Bay of Pigs operation. Since CIA officers who planned and executed the operation later blamed President Kennedy for its failure, it is likely this secret document includes an attack on President Kennedy’s handling of the Bay of Pigs invasion. The fact that this document remains secret 52 years after the Bay of Pigs demonstrates the failure of the declassification system to even minimally inform the public of crucial activities of the government.

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