Lawyer charges Sixth Floor Museum instigated prosecution of JFK author

Click here for attorney Brad Kzia’s brief against the City of Dallas for “malicious persecution” of Robert Groden, a JFK author. The brief charges that the Sixth Floor Museum played a role in getting Groden arrested in June 2010.

The Sixth Floor Museum is housed in the old Texas School Book Depository Building.

As reported here earlier, Groden has been arrested by Dallas police officers dozens of times in recent years for selling conspiracy-oriented literature on the site the assassination of President Kennedy. Groden is an expert in the photography of Kennedy’s assassination. He was never convicted of a single violation of the law, because selling books in public is not a crime in Dallas.

I asked Kizzia about the role of the Sixth Floor Museum in Groden’s ordeal. He responded by email alleging a conspiracy against his client.

“The evidence shows that the Sixth Floor Museum has engaged in a campaign to harass, intimidate, and maliciously prosecute Groden for years, seeking to eliminate his message and the competition that he presents. This campaign culminated in the plan to have Groden arrested and jailed because the many ticket citations previously served upon him did not stop him from exercising his First Amendment rights in Dealey Plaza and were uniformly dismissed by the municipal courts. That meeting of the conspirators took place on June 9, 2010, at the Sixth Floor Museum. Groden was arrested and jailed and has his property seized on June 13, 2010.”

I have asked the Sixth Floor Museum to comment. I will post their comment as soon as I receive it.

16 thoughts on “Lawyer charges Sixth Floor Museum instigated prosecution of JFK author”

  1. Robert Leyden

    I am an Australian who has been fascinated with the JFK assassination since 1963, when I was a 13-year-old schoolboy. I had the pleasure of meeting Robert Groden when I was in Dallas in 2005. It was an honour and a privilege to talk to a man whom I admire for having the courage (against immense odds and opposition) to put forward far more credible evidence as to what really happened on that fateful day as compared with the Warren Commission rubbish. He has published some wonderful, fully researched books etc on the subject which really make a lot of sense. He should be applauded, not condemned. He uses photographic and scientific evidence of an irrefutable nature to support his rational arguments for a conspiracy. Great work, Robert, and God bless. There should be more people like you.

  2. Please allow me to inject some alternate opinions I’ve collected for all interested to consider:

    For those who view him as a hero, Robert Groden represents an opportunity for a person with CT views into the clique that controls the 6th floor Museum & change the theme from ‘Oswald did it’ to ‘maybe Oswald didn’t do it or he had help’. A settlement might be a ticket for Mr. Groden to conduct his affairs inside the museum. This opportunity is important to these people. They believe at the very least Robert Groden will let visitors look out the alleged sniper’s nest window instead of charging them access & keeping the infamous blocked off. As far as his presence in Dealey Plaza, they see him as the sacrificial lamb suffering the harassment of a biased group of people attempting to distort American history. They see the photos Mr. Faust finds offensive as just putting the evidence out in the open, something the Kennedy family has failed to do in 50 years. They don’t see this as ‘greed vs. greed’ at all; they see this as ‘good vs. evil’.

    Alternate views should always be considered in a democratic society. Things aren’t always as they seem.

  3. If one considers President Obama as head of his lion pride & Ambassador Caroline Kennedy as one of his lionesses one might expect some Presidential involvement in this situation. A lion will protect its lioness.

  4. This thread and the one below it caused me to come home and dig out my autographed copy of Mr. Groden’s JFK THE CASE FOR CONSPIRACY, purchased from him on the grassy knoll 6-7 years ago. I’d forgotten how informative the 48 page magazine is. The 48 page “magazine’ has the best collection of concisely related pictures and comments on the subject I’ve ever seen. It was well worth the price and should be read and viewed by anyone interested in the assassination.

  5. What I find unusual is that the memorial plaque mounter on the TSBD clearly states the LHO “allegedly” fired on the President from the building.
    Allegedly….nothing further or stronger than that….

  6. I find it difficult to find compassion for an individual who parks himself in a public place known for attracting worldwide visitors & selling magazines & DVDs depicting a murdered man with his head tore open & his brains blown out of his head. If this is respect for President Kennedy I fail to recognize it. As far as I am concerned Groden forfeited his Bill of rights the day he set up shop near Abraham Zapruder’s perch. I am sure Dallas taxpayers are sick of their money wasted on his behalf. He has his own website; nothing is stopping him from making his money there. Squatter’s rights should not apply in Dealey Plaza.

    1. I doubt you will find Groden’s books in the Sixth Floor Museum, so what he is doing is offering visitors an alternative view of what happened Nov. 22, 1963 in Dealey Plaza. Why is this activity objectionable to you such that he should forfeit his legal rights?

    2. Unfortunately, the above comment has been made far too rarely. As I recall Groden’s claim to fame is “”obtaining” a copy of the Zapruder film and making it public, as well as “obtaining” autopsy photos and making them public- at the same time making a few bucks off of them. I am sure that the Kennedy family was just delighted with those disclosures.The fact is that the autopsy photos should never have been made public outside of serious medical and forensic research; probably less than 1% of the public viewers of those photos have any medical background sufficient to make a rational interpretation of what they represent, while people who couldn’t tell you the difference between an astrocytoma and a meningioma claim to be experts in brain pathology using the photos as props.
      In a similar manner the public release of the Zapruder film has given a generation of ghouls entertainment; seeing what they want to, ignoring what is actually on the film and in the end satisfying their desires for assassination pornography.
      To me it is just the same fraudulent desire to make a buck that you see with mentalists, medical charlatans,mediums,Jim and Tammy, Peter Popov, millionaire “preachers” and the rest.

      1. This thread is not about the altered and missing photographs and x-rays the people who took them say are not what they took. Quit trying to hijack it.
        It is about the Fact that 6 floors below the museum is where the President of the Unite States had his brains blown out in broad daylight in front of multiple witnesses. God Bless Robert Groden for not letting visitors forget that Fact.
        That police state Jonathan mentions was in full effect on 11/22/13.
        No you will not find Mr. Grodens work or anything else about conspiracy reality in the souvenir shop. Yes, they do have one small exhibit upstairs that mentions the “theories”. You won’t find Jeff’s book there either (have you read it?). The museum is controlled by the moneyed elite of dallas who use it to try to distract from what happened six floors below. It does a nice job of portraying JFK’s life, Presidency, and the times. I don’t recall anything about the HSCA conclusion of a 4th shot from the front and that is a part of historic reality. They tow the Warren Fairytale official line. Anyone who goes there and does not go to the grassy knoll and behind the picket fence has wasted their time as far as getting an objective look at the possibilities (in many peoples opinion the Truth). Some wanted to tear the building down many years ago but there was a public outcry. Maybe I’ll start hanging out there on Saturday and Sunday on the curb between where the X’s used to be below Mr. Groden. I could flip off the people looking down from above or moon them and get arrested for obscenity. 12:30 11/22/63 was a pretty obscene sight there. Better yet I’ll put a bloody bandage on my head, point to the knoll till my arm falls off and yell “look!” until I’m hoarse.
        Let’s talk about reality. The president was assassinated there and not by a lone nut.
        Mr. Groden keeps reality alive and sells enough reality related material to drive a cheap old car.

    3. Mr. Faust, in the event that no one else has informed you, you cannot lawfully claim authority over another citizen ie. your statement that Groden has relinquished his rights – unless of course you are wearing a badge in which case I think that it’s incumbent on you to divulge that fact. Otherwise, please have the courage to take your claims to the court as Mr. Groden has.

      No one arbitrarily forfeits their rights in public space. These are Our Commons, unless I’m missing something. Is Dealey Plaza owned by a private entity, other than US citizens albeit Dallas ones? Can someone with more legal expertise weigh in here … isn’t Dealey Plaza part of The Commons? Do we forfeit our rights when we engage in lawful behavior at Dealey, albeit sometimes obnoxious, on said public property?

      If the City of Dallas is uncomfortable with Mr. Groden, let them challenge him in open forum, not through back channels and ugly backhanded tactics. Lay down the law, Dallas. Tell us what you will and will not tolerate in Dealey. And following that, Dallas, tell us why you allowed the investigation of a murder on your streets to shift from your lawful jurisdiction. Reveal to us in writing the mandate given your city by the Kennedy family to contravene law.

      Further, Dallas: “define what laws Groden has broken.”

      1. Basically, the same argument was used to justify pornography. Are you pleased with the filth posted on the Internet that your kids can easily see? Are the perverts tangling their young minds going to pay for their therapy & misdeeds they try to mimic?

        Let’s substitute the word ‘tread’ for ‘forfeit’: is it OK for someone to park himself with or without a license & see gruesome autopsy photos of ANYONE in public? Why is ok for Groden to do this? He has a right to? Now we’re back at the porn argument. Sheesh.

        I agree with you, Dallas has allowed this pouncing on visitors for profit to go on way too long. Dallas needs to fix it. Groden can also be countersued; maybe Caroline isn’t happy knowing this activity has been transpiring. Trust me, if I had a law badge Groden & his ilk would have been off the streets of Dealey Plaza many moons ago. I am sorry if I upset members of his groupie fan club but I see no walking on water with conducting his business in Dealey Plaza. He can operate from his own website to make his money.

  7. Thankfully Robert has a great guy like Brad behind him. Brad is never afraid to go outside the box to go against whoever is doing wrong.

  8. It could never happen here. A police state, that is.

    For conspiracy lite readers here I suggest you consider this: If there is a little government conspiracy to stifle the truth of, say, the JFK assassination, it’s not a little, limited conspiracy. It’s full-throated and not-to-be-denied. It will steamroll its opponents, in full frontal of the cameras.

    Sure, we can chirp here on JFK Facts. 15,000 folks a month tune in. Which means nothing said here threatens the Order.

    But that’s OK. Maybe the next Lincoln will tune into JFK Facts as a young person. And grow up to change the world.

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