Kerry in Havana: the JFK backstory

Kerry and JFK in 1962
John Kerry, right, watching a sailboat race in August 1962 with President Kennedy, seated on the left.

Fifty three summers ago, John Kerry was sixteen years old. He went sailing with the president of the United States. In 2013, John Kerry became Secretarytof State and expressed some doubts about the Warren Commission’s much-criticized theory of JFK’s assassination.

Now that Kerry has restored normal relations with Cuba, the time has come for both governments to disclose all they know about the events of 1963.

6 thoughts on “Kerry in Havana: the JFK backstory”

  1. Of course Kerry has doubts about who killed Kennedy….he’s related to Ruth & Michael Paine. No doubt he’s heard stuff about the president’s murder in his own family.

  2. Seeing that Kerry doesn’t believe the CIA had any role in the conspiracy but leans toward a Cuban-Soviet connection it would surprise me if Cuba would co-operate in opening their files on the subject. Add Cuban government crackdown on dissidents

    to the mix and Kerry’s response during the flag raising ceremony

    I would opine that easing access to records relating to the JFK assassination and subsequent cover up is way down the list of priorities concerning USA-Cuban relations.

    1. I agree that full disclosure is way down the list of the governments involved. But for the civil societies of both country,; it matters. Can civil society in Cuba and civil society in America force secretive national security governments to give the people their true history? Maybe. Oliver Stone’s movie forced Congress to act and forced the CIA to implement disclosure measures it hoped to avoid. Communist governments in Russia, East Germany, and the Czech Republic were forced to divulge intelligence history they preferred to conceal.

      1. Here, up to a point, yes. As you well know our keepers of the keys usually have the last word on what they’ll let us see. In Cuba? Hmmm…I don’t believe we’ll see anything like the The Stassi Records Law (which came about in a united Germany)or the brief look into the Soviet files anytime soon although I pray to God I’m wrong.

        But I have this pessimist streak that leads me to conclude this generation in general and ours specifically is not that interested in getting the real dope on the JFK assassination. IMHO, there’s already plenty of hard evidence available that makes the case Oswald couldn’t possibly have been the trigger man yet it takes a guy like you to force the government to spill more beans. If there was a class action suit against the CIA/FBI were we see thousands involved and millions of dollars to back up such an endeavor then my pessimism would be replaced with unbounded optimism. Anyhow, I fully support your valiant effort. God be with you.

    2. Ramon F Herrera

      “Seeing that Kerry doesn’t believe the CIA had any role in the conspiracy”


      John Kerry’s attitude is nothing short of genius. Like jiu jitsu, he is using the weight of the opponent to defeat them.

      This was no casual, routine interview. You can rest assured that the following knew, approved and were behind his message:

      (1) The Kennedys

      (2) His boss, Barack Obama.

      We can easily add the Clintons to that list. They have nothing to hide in this issue.

  3. So John Kerry thinks there may have been a conspiracy, but there was only one shooter (LHO).
    If there was more than one shooter you have a conspiracy by definition. That is what the weight of the evidence suggests, and what most commenters here believe.
    The “LN” group have a different view. There is so much circumstantial evidence regarding LHO that h

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